Blame It On The Food Coma

Airport Barbecue, Close Up

I said I was going to do the 99 Things challenge. Really, I said I would add my name to the list of people who have done it so far but it hasn’t happened yet.

Blame it on the food coma or on Halley’s Comet but I haven’t yet produced the list that you see cropping up at Judy’s, Gini’s and Kaarina’s places.

Hell if it makes you feel good you can blame it on my hating the holiday season, doesn’t matter to me. Besides do you really expect the guy who beat up Santa Claus to make one of these lists.

I cooked the Easter Bunny and served him for Thanksgiving dinner so coming up with a list of things I love is a bit like asking me to admit to the Shmata Queen that I would consider visiting cleveland with her.

Damn, did I just write that out loud.

Did You Read The Last Post?

Did you read  The Blogging Jedi Trick That Might Work or any of the post that ran before it? Have you noticed that more of our compatriots seem to have hung up their keyboards and if so, did you reach out to them and ask them why?

I haven’t checked in with them, but I have been meaning to. Really, not making that up but I have been living in my own world for a while now and been so caught up that I barely remember my own name.

Some days when I walk away from the computer I wonder if I should load up my car and move back to Texas.  Been great to be back but in the old country we would say I wandered into a balagan and have been dealing with more mishegoss than anyone person ever wants to.

If I wasn’t already meshugeh this would turn me into a full fledged meshugehneh and that is saying something.

For years I have joked around and said that I am the original storm walker. Been a big joke to say that I wander where storms fear to tread but lately it feels a lot like I wandered out of the eye and right into the storm.

Not really where I want to be.

Thanks and Gratitude

Maybe I should chronicle these things in the journal I won through Yeah Write. Got it because I have been participating in NabloPoMo and because Zoe contributed it.

She did a hell of a job and I owe her a thank you.

But like I said I have been living in my own world and people keep telling me that I am not telling them anything. Keep telling me that  I have forgotten to tell them basic things as well as the not so basic.

Got no good reason other than I get lost doing whatever it is I am doing and I forget that I never mentioned it. Kids told me today that I didn’t answer a couple of questions that I had promised to answer.

Supposed to take Little Jack to the car show and I never told him that I planned on going tomorrow or Sunday. Swore that I had, but he insists I didn’t and he is probably right.

So I suppose that this is part of why I am ready to go back to Texas. Ready to go find a new cave where I can slow things down and figure out what I am supposed to be doing.

In the interim I have a mental list I have been making of things I am grateful for. Stuff like my health, family and friends’ health and numbers like 8/31/68 and 1724.

Grateful that overall things are moving in very positive directions and that my best friend and I have had so many good times together and have so many yet to come.

Grateful to have much to look forward to.

Now all I have to do is slow the world down just a moment and I’ll figure out how to do the 99 things and write a proper post. In between it all I’ll try to visit more of your blogs and even leave a comment to let you know I am around.

Life is pretty damn hectic, but it is good and I suppose sometimes that is all we can ask for.

What do you think?


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