Can Bill Rancic Help You Grow Your Game?


“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Some of you might look at the mug on the guy in the photo above and say, “that Jack Steiner is one handsome man” and who could blame you. There is one problem, the guy in the photo above is author and television personality, Bill Rancic.

I offered to stand next to him and make him look even better, but he is a gentleman and turned down the opportunity. Just in case my mother reads this I have to let you know that none of that happened because she thinks I am a million times handsomer than Bill.

Sorry Bill, mom’s love their boys.

Why Are We Talking About Bill?

I spent some time speaking with Bill Rancic last week whom you might recall is the winner of the first season of The Apprentice and now serves as a  “Growth  Coach” for ROGAINE.

We didn’t talk about Donald Trump at all so I can’t tell you if Bill knows whether Trump’s hair is real or if Trump is a ROGAINE user but we did talk about the Grow Your Game initiative, family life and being an entrepreneur.

One of Bill’s roles is to use social media to share his personal experiences and ideas and talk to men about conquering challenges we face personally and professionally.

I was very curious to see what Bill would be like and wondered if the conversation would be peppered with praise and sales pitches for ROGAINE or if we would really delve into the meat of Growing Your Game, you know doing things to improve your life and become more confident.

Grow Your Game

As part of his Growth coach responsibilities Bill is part of a team of coaches that are helping five men grow their game in all aspects of their lives. I think that is cool.

Granted it sounds a little goofy to say you are trying to grow your game I am more concerned with what is happening than what it’s called and the idea of doing things to improve your life makes perfect sense to me.

I know how I interpreted things but I wanted to hear Bill’s answer so I asked him:

“Define what being your best self means to you. Is it financial, physical, emotional or a combination of all three?”

His initial response made me think I was going to get the canned answer.

“My best self will be different than yours. It is subjective. What we have done here is taken these 5 men and armed them with the tools they need to change their lives.”

So I asked him to expand upon what that meant and to tell me about obstacles people encounter and how to get around them. I liked his response.

“I always say that people see things the way they want to see them. We think we are living a certain way but often we aren’t. For example remember when you were a child and you tape recorded your own voice.

Remember the feeling you had when you listened to yourself speak the first time and said ‘I don’t sound like that.”

Think of living life as if you are a conductor. They work hard to get all the different pieces of orchestra to play together to make music”

That conductor analogy works for me. We don’t have time to be experts in all things so finding people who can help you take care care of things that are less important so that you can focus on priorities makes a lot of sense.

But I wanted to know more so I asked him:

“What is your best advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and a family man?”

He responded with

“It can be tough to be an entrepreneur. There are people who will tell you that you can have balance but that is not true. You are always going to have some sort of imbalance. When you are building your business you will always be pulled in different directions and if you want to be successful you are going to have to work harder than the next guy.

Early on your family life may suffer some. It is like raising a child. When they are first born they may wake up every three hours and need to be fed.

But as you go along they grow and reach a stage where you don’t have to give them that same constant level of attention and things become easier.”

I appreciated that because it is honest and it is not filled with buzzwords and double talk about how using ROGAINE can magically solve your time issues and make your business successful.

It is a tool that can help your confidence but it doesn’t replace hard work. That is the kind of candor that I appreciate and am intrigued by. Don’t know if I will ever have the chance to hang out with Bill again but if I do I am curious to see if he is the same guy I think he is.

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  1. Carolyn Nicander Mohr January 14, 2014 at 4:50 am

    I vote for Twinkies!

    Very cool that you got to hang out with Bill and that he was a genuine person. Even cooler is that he got to hang out with you. I bet you dropped some wisdom on him too!

    I like the concept that I am a conductor of my own life and that there will always be imbalance. All we can do is try to get our parts aligned so there is some harmony.

  2. Stan Faryna January 14, 2014 at 12:09 am

    You want a win-win-win that will blow Trump’s hair piece? Here’s a freebie. Because I’m cool like that.

    Make a Hostess Twinkie into a sustained release delivery system for Rogaine, Viagra and Dostoyevsky.

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