How Are You Going To Grow Your Game In 2014?


“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE®. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.” 

If you are not familiar with the guy in the photo above that is Bill  Rancic. He  was  the  first  winner  of  Donald  Trump’s   The  Apprentice.

He  is  a  motivational   speaker,  real  estate  developer,  restaurant  owner  and  author  of  a  New  York  Times  best-­‐selling  book  on  business.

These days he can add a new and exciting line item to his list of accomplishments, “Interviewed By Jack Steiner.” Believe me, that is worth a lot and is certainly better than being trapped in an elevator listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack or forced to root for one of the Cleveland sports teams.

Bill teamed up with ROGAINE in May 2012 to serve as the brand’s first-ever “Growth Coach” and the fine folks at ROGAINE brought us together to talk about the Grow Your Game Initiative.

I like the idea of dedicating time to trying to improve our lives. There is merit in taking initiative to do so.

Conductor Bill

Those of you who know me in real life know I am unfiltered and skeptical about many things. It is noteworthy to me because Bill didn’t hide that he took ROGAINE to help with his hairloss.

Many people in the public eye keep the work they have done quiet or at least they try to so I appreciate his sharing it but since he is a spokesperson I did wonder a little.

However he was very genuine during our conversation and that went a long way to making me less skeptical about his disclosure. But what I appreciated the most was our conversation about how to be your best self and what it means to be the conductor of your life.

It was real. It was honest and it wasn’t clothed in spin.

“Think of living life as if you are a conductor. They work hard to get all the different pieces of orchestra to play together to make music”

That conductor analogy works for me.

What About ROGAINE Foam?

Well, I have played around with the idea of trying something to help with my hair loss but I didn’t want to take any pills or use any thing that required a lot of work.

And then came ROGAINE Foam. #gotitfree

I can’t tell you if it works from personal experience because I just received my sample. What I can tell you is the foam contains 5% Minoxidil and it is easy to use.

Apply it twice a day every day and go about your business. During clinical trials  Mens’ ROGAINE Foam helped regrow hair in nearly 9 out of ten men.

Sounds easy to me.

How To Be A Great Dad In 2014

Flip through the posts here and you’ll see several themes that are tied into parenting.  A willingness to take a risk, to push hard and to learn how to fail.

“Never be afraid of failure. All you can do is try your best and go for it. Remember, you are in control. Bill Rancic”

Not only do I agree with Bill, but I am proud of being able to say I have lived and continue to live a life that isn’t run by a fear of failure because the best way to teach our children how to do things is to serve as a role model for them.

I don’t want my children to emulate all of my habits because there are a few that are less endearing, but not being afraid to fail isn’t one of them.

When they can see you try to move and heaven and earth to make things happen they understand that fear of failure is not a reason to hide or avoid a challenge.

Life is often filled with risk but it is filled with a lot of rewards too.

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