5 Reasons Why Geniuses & Sex Addicts Read My Blog

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This post should be anchored by a shot of a Marc Chagall painting. Several come to mind but you’ll have to accept my apologies for not knowing their names so I cannot share them with you.

What I can tell is they are magical and that if you were to see them you would be transported somewhere else, or at least you would be if I were there to give you a gentle push into that space.


Yesterday I showed my oldest this video about Munich. It always hurts to speak with my children about moments like this and to have to answer questions about terrorism, hate and murder.

In part because I am very hawkish and when they ask me for my solutions I have to tell them about the importance of coming down so hard upon those who would hurt us they don’t dare raise their heads up for fear of being kicked in the teeth.

An imperfect solution for an imperfect world, but when you mess with those I love I am willing to do what it takes to protect them. But it doesn’t mean I don’t think about all of the costs, mental, emotional and physical. Nor does it mean I don’t think about other ways.

There is always hope and the dreamer inside me believes that there is a chance.


We’re moving…again.

It was planned and not unexpected but I am tired of it all.

Call me Jack Reacher because I am doing my best to get rid of my stuff. The less I own and the less I have the easier it is to move. Truth is that there is a certain amount of wanderlust inside and the gypsy that lives with in revels in the chance to have new experiences.

Experiences are a big part of what I seek. I talk with the children about this and try to help them view it all that way because it becomes easier for them.

And I talk to them about next year and remind them that we are taking life a year at a time now, we will be moving again.

The question is when and where.

We’ll look at the best schools and see what works.

 5 Reasons Why Geniuses & Sex Addicts Read My Blog

The blogosphere is a crowded place and it takes a bit of PT Barnum to get readers to our blogs. Sometimes I feel the need to do my part to make sure you come visit.

Headlines like 5 Reasons Why Geniuses & Sex Addicts Read My Blog are effective.

People come and read.

It is very possible that geniuses and sex addicts read my blog, but I truly can’t say for certain because it is not a question I ask in my demographics survey.

But I have a broader target audience than sex addicts and geniuses so I am not as concerned about them as I could be.

Circle back to our comment about headlines and I wonder what happens after people click on the link. When they get to the blog do they stick around to read or do they point, click and surf their way to the next destination.

It feels a bit like moving does to me.

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  1. Krithika Rangarajan February 11, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Hello Jack

    I came in because of the title. 😉 I stayed because of your content. And now I am a lifelong subscriber of your work. ‘Stroke of genius’ thy name is JackB 😉

    FYI: I LOVE Jack Reacher 😉

    Thanks for your wit, wisdom and words #IHAVEtohugU 😉

  2. Julie Barrett February 9, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    1. You make me look up a word. 2. I always think “blue” when I think of Chagall but I’ll stick with the stained glass. 3. Not a sex addict nor a genius, more’s the pity.

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