This Post Is Better Than Sex On The Beach


Don’t look now but that picture isn’t of people having sex on the beach nor will it change by clicking on it.

It is not like the blurry version of that crazy US Air tweet and might I add that I didn’t appreciate someone emailing a copy the not safe for work version to my office email address.

If it is not safe for work and you know this I can only assume that you sent it to me because you want to see if my promise to kick you in the ass with my size 12 boot is rooted in fact and not fiction.

Let me assure you that it is fact but in honor of that particular picture I am going to trade my boot for a model plane that shall be inserted in your private landing strip.

This Post Is Better Than Sex On The Beach

I’ll break my arm patting myself on my own back and say I am sure this post is of superior quality and entertainment value than most but if you really think it is better than sex on the beach you might not be with the right person.

A good partner makes all the difference but I am not going to say more than that. Won’t feed your prurient interests because this is a family blog and The Shmata Queen says I should focus on becoming a more serious writer, or was that some other older woman. 😉

BTW men learn from me and try not tease or aggravate a woman who can swing a 49 pound black purse with the same skill that wacky queen can.

Of course if you grew up on the mean streets of cleveland you might have learned how to take care of yourself too.

P.S. Don’t send me emails about the capitalization issue in the sentence above, I am consciously doing it because that is just how I roll.

Your Blog Is Like A Village

I don’t know if you have ever read Your Blog Is Like A Village but I can assure you that it is in the top 987 things you’ll read today, maybe in the top 876.

One of the reasons I can tease The Shmata Queen is because she is one of the original villagers here. Yep, she has been here from the very start. Sadly she hasn’t read every post but she gets credit for sticking it out.

Our blogs are like villages where everyone knows everyone else. The question is are they the “Cheers, where everyone knows your name” kind of place or the “everyone is in your business sort.”
I don’t know about you but I prefer the former over the latter but that might be because I like to think of myself as a blogging man of mystery.

Have you noticed I don’t take blogging or myself very seriously. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

Band On The Run

Been listening to Band On The Run quite a bit, don’t know exactly why but it just resonates with me.

Besides I keep thinking about the lyrics, maybe it is the part about being stuck inside four walls or maybe I am thinking about grabbing a beer with the jailor man, and sailor Sam.

I almost hesitated to mention those two because every time I do something like that someone decides to tell me that those two are symbolic for XYZ or a metaphor for life.

Now it may be true but there are moments where I am not interested in trying to figure out if there is a deeper meaning to what I listen to, see in a museum or read in a book.

To paraphrase a quote, “when the author talks about blue skies he is not saying anything more then “the sky is fucking blue!”

I love that.

Do You Need a Reason To Write

I’ll probably revisit this later but sometimes I want to shake the people who suggest you shouldn’t blog/write unless you have a reason. Why do I need anything more than when I write I do a little happy dance in my chair.

What do you think?

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