Should You Care If Ten Million People Hate Your Podcast?

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A short while ago I received an email that said ten million people hate my podcast and that I should pack my gear up and go home.

Since this is a family blog and I never use colorful language I won’t share my response with you here but I will say that it would be nice to say that ten million people hate my podcast.

Ok, it wouldn’t really be nice to say ten million people hate my podcast but it would be great to know that I had that kind of reach. If I actually had that kind of reach the conversations we had here about monetizing things would be very different.

A Few Comments About Podcasting

I am a writer by trade and my knowledge about podcasting is very limited. I can’t speak about what equipment you should use or give you great technical advice on how to build or do one.

The reason I got into it was because I have a personal and professional interest in becoming a more effective communicator. Verbal communication is very different from written so I thought it would be useful to practice both sets of skills.

My current set up does not allow me to do any editing of the podcast so what you get isn’t as polished as it could be. I don’t want to be too polished because it hurts authenticity. I am not an actor but I would like to improve my skills and the interest level of listeners.

I think editing and being able to add music would help.

Some stories work better when they are told than when they are written.

If you are interested in hearing some of what I have done you can find them here. The one I did about blog cancellation fees is one of my favorites.

About The Blog Cancellation Fees

You can find that particular podcast over here it also includes some funny stories about what happened when my son and nephew started talking about body parts and things our bodies can do.

However you will not find the tale of the battle with Jersey Santa there and let me tell you, that is quite the tale.


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  1. Sebastian Aiden Daniels May 31, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    If 10 million people hate your podcast then that means 10 million like it because if half like it then half dislike it usually? Maybe I just pulled that out of my ass, but it tends to be the case in my observations, unless your Justin Bieber of course.

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