16 Sensational Ways To Murder Using Linkbait


I haven’t ever defenestrated someone but I imagine there is something very rewarding about it because every time I see it happen on television or in a movie there is a huge smile on the face of the person that did it.

Can’t say I recall a smile on the face of the person who had the good fortune to be thrown so maybe it is one sided sort of pleasure. And if fortune continues to smile upon me I will never learn how it feels from either side of the fence, just don’t need to know.

If you are a new reader you might not be familiar with my penchant for writing silly and ridiculous headlines so consider this your warning and note that not everything you read here is factual.

Some of it is fiction and some of the real stuff may have been enhanced, elaborated upon or edited for entertainment purposes.

She Broke My Penis

The broken penis story is real and one day when my son is 17 and making me crazy I’ll make a point to ask him if he remembers telling me about it.

Mind you the story is a tale of innocence and it comes from when he and his little sister were quite young. They had a disagreement while playing Pokemon. She was all of about four and he was around eight and they acted as siblings sometimes do.

I still remember sitting them down and explaining they weren’t to kick, punch or bite each other. I am fairly certain that I told them both this would be a story they wouldn’t want me to tell when they were teens so they should knock it off.

That conversation really isn’t that long ago but it feels like light years. So much has happened and we have all changed so much it almost feels like I am talking about different people.

But then again, it is not so surprising because six years is still a significant chunk of their lives and enough happened in my own to make me look back and remember when.

Everyone Has A Story- What Is Yours?

Stories on my mind now. Been thinking about my story, not the fiction I write but the real ones about my life. Been thinking about what my story is and the best way to tell and experience it.

It comes from personal and professional interest.

A good writer can’t ever elevate their game unless they learn how to become a great storyteller. I spend time working on that each day because I care about my craft.

I spend time working on my storytelling skills because my grandfathers were master storytellers who knew how to make the mundane interesting. They could tell the poor souls who were trapped in cleveland about the river bursting into flame in such a way that the person listening couldn’t help but be moved.

And I like working on my storytelling so that when my kids get the keys to this blog they’ll learn a few things about their dad and his thoughts about life.

They might even enjoy reading stories about themselves or at least how I saw those moments.

16 Sensational Ways To Murder Using Linkbait

One of these days I have to spend some time putting together a post with my thoughts about linkbait and headlines.

We’ll have to delve into whether they are useless or overrated. But that post is going to have to wait because I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and the lack of shuteye is catching up with me.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Sebastian Aiden Daniels July 19, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Damn your catchy and tricky headlines. I should be use to it right now, but I am not. Great storytellers are few and far between. My grandfather was one. He convinced my mom and her siblings when they were young that he was from another planet. My mom did a school report on it. The teacher thought she was crazy as hell. Kids are so gullible. My dad still tries to tell me Santa Claus exists hehe. Thankfully, I haven’t believed that in ages.

    • Jack July 19, 2014 at 10:31 am

      That is a great story about your grandfather. I’d love to do the same, might have to try it one day.

      Kids can definitely be gullible but I think we forget how damn smart they can be too.

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