69 Bloggers Who Are Doing It Better Than You Are

69 Whatever

69 Whatever.

“Do you know there is a big hole in the shirt you are wearing?”

I nodded and smiled, “Sure there is. Every time I flex the guns that happens. Know why the Hulk is green? Because he is green with envy.”

“Dad, you are weird.”

I smiled and told her that she is extra smart because she is related to me and tried to explain how I am going to stop time so she stays 10 for a while and she laughed.

Don’t tell my daughter but before I stop time I am going to invent a time machine and go back to 1988.  Got a few things to do while I am there and that is going to include a stop in Bloomington. Won’t give you all of the details about why but suffice it to say I am going to set the stage for a few events to come.

Take a walk with me and maybe I’ll fill you in on some of the other details.

69 Bloggers Who Are Doing It Better Than You Are

Look, I just stole  borrowed the Buzzfeed formula for writing headlines and now my traffic is going to explode. Woohoo.

It is going to be filled with bloggers who want to know about the 69 other bloggers who are doing a better job of blogging than they are.

Some of you will be new visitors, wonder if you will laugh, chuckle or giggle at what you find here or if you will be irritated to discover you are not named on the list.

I could tell you that I used you in  Things Bloggers Say During Sex but I didn’t. Probably won’t find yourself included in Who Blogs About Laundry either.

You might find some useful information in The Reason Your Blog Is A Failure or some of the other links here. I may be the insouciant dad blogger who is trying to figure out ten years could pass so quickly but I am more than that too.

Today  I am the guy who is sifting through old posts trying to clean up bad links, insert pictures and optimize them for SEO. It is not particularly interesting to me but if you want to get ahead you have to do the work.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my grandfathers years when I was around twenty or so. We sat in the front yard of my parents’ house and while they smoked their cigars I listened to them debate the best places to get a hot dog in Chicago in the ’30s and stories about jobs they had.

There more than a few life lessons in that conversation. I don’t know if they intended to try and teach me anything or if they were just sharing a moment but I learned from them.

They talked about the importance of really listening to your customers so that you could give them what they needed and be more than just one more salesmen at the door.

I learned about the importance of being aware of time limits and sometimes you can’t fix what is broken. I learned about being flexible, resourceful and to not take life so damn seriously.

Not Quite 69 Posts Using 69 In the Title

  1. 69 Reasons Why Social Media Makes Us More Stupid
  2. How 69 Drunk Bloggers Made More Money Than You
  3. 69 Reasons Why Fathers Make Better Lovers
  4. 69 Reasons Why Social Media Platforms Don’t Matter
  5. The 69 Biggest Liars In Blogging and Social Media
  6. 69 Reasons Why We Hate Being Slaves To Technology
  7. Not Quite 69 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
  8. 69 Ways You’re Sucking The Life Out Of Me
  9. Blogging Every Day Is Easy- The Class Of ’69 Speaks

I suppose I could come up with another 69 posts to include here. I certainly could find a way to include ’69’ in the headline but today I am going to listen to another piece of advice my grandfathers shared with me.

Today I am going to enjoy a nap and a walk in the sunshine. Sometimes the best way to get what you want is walk away from it for a moment or two and do something different.

Get the blood pumping and give your brain something different to focus upon. Things work out for those who make things work out and part of that is learning when to work and when to work out.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Jack August 18, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Looks like I missed responding to your comment. Not sure how that happened, but I apologize for it.

  2. Sebastian Aiden Daniels July 24, 2014 at 9:20 am

    I saw this title and instantly realized that it had nothing to do with what it proclaims to be. You would surprise your regular readers by actually doing such a list.

    Bloggers do love stuff like this haha. Target their jealous and competitive side.

    I hope you understand the other meaning behind 69 mister Hulk!

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