How A Big P**** Helps Bloggers

Many years ago a woman asked me if I had ever measured myself. It wasn’t based upon prurient interest but stemmed from curiosity about how men think and act.


My anaconda don’t want…

It came in the midst of a long, talk into the wee hours of the evening about anything and everything. The way I remember it she said something like, “do men really do that and if so, did you?”

So I pulled out a yardstick and said,”no, I never did find an appropriate tool for measuring it.”

That was tongue-in-cheek but it is tied into how I feel about trying to figure out who has the biggest, best and most successful blog.

Most of those conversations bore me because they tend to have as much value as trying to say that a man who is called ‘Tripod’ is better at some activities than someone called ‘Tiny.’

It is far too simplistic an approach to say that someone who has more pageviews and comments is a better blogger than another. Size isn’t always indicative of skill level or ability.

Sometimes all it proves is you got lucky to draw from the right bag of DNA and nothing more.

How Do You Define Success In Blogging?

This is always my starting place for a discussion. How do you define success in blogging is what you need to determine prior to engaging in any sort of legitimate conversation about success in blogging.

If you don’t come to a consensus first about what success is then all you do is engage in a silly conversation about who is carrying what in their pants and not about ability.

I have to leave in ten minutes to go coach my daughter’s soccer team so I am going to make this post shorter than I might if I had time to really let go and just write.

But if I had that time I would spend time talking about my desire to become a better writer and to improve as a storyteller. I would talk about how I need to review the posts in Twenty-Five Links That Will Make You A Better Writer/Blogger and see if they need to be updated/fixed/improved.

I’d talk about needing to review the links here to see if they are telling the story I want them to tell and then I’d mention that what I want from blogging is happening already.

Changes/Life Altering Changes

Blogging has changed my life. It has a had a profound, course-altering, ‘you won’t be the same because of this’ effect upon life. And then I would tell you the effect of that has been dramatic and I am grateful for it.

I’d say it has been a ten a year odyssey that has been filled with magic and hard moments but that I see daylight way off in the distance. It is going to take some time to get there, but I am on my way.

So if you ask me to define a successful blog I’d say mine is and that there is more to go and more to write.

But there is no time to write more now so I’ll be back in about four or five hours to write more because the only way you improve at this game is by reading and writing.

I’ll see you around in a bit. In the interim feel free to read more of the posts about writing and blogging, would love to discuss your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Larry December 8, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    I see daylight way off in the distance – what are you seeking? Do you even want to get there?

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