It Is What Every Blogger Wants


The best posts make you feel like you shared an intimate moment with the writer/reader.

Not long ago in a galaxy that wasn’t far, far away a blogger told me the reason why my blog isn’t more popular is because I don’t provide what every reader wants.

So I did what every successful blogger wants to do.

I defenestrated them.

Sadly it wasn’t captured on video so I couldn’t share the moment via Instagram, Facebook or even a Vine.

Hell if I didn’t share the moment here with you it would almost be like it didn’t happen and that would be a shame.

Can you imagine a life where you fail to record every moment or a blogger who didn’t have the good sense to carry a camera around so they could record all that happens for posterity.

My Confession

I made part of that story up.

Some of you are shocked by that, imagine the kind of nerve it takes to fabricate a story you share on social media. Not everyone has that kind of chutzpah.

Doesn’t it make me ever so special.

It Is What Every Blogger Wants

Any time someone tells me they know what every blogger wants I roll my eyes because those types of blanket statements are frequently based upon opinion and not fact.

Maybe that is because most bloggers aren’t held to the same standards we hold professional journalists or academia too.

If you don’t cite your sources or fake your research there is little chance you’ll be penalized for it. So people take the easy way out and just throw out opinions on this and that because they can.

Blogging and social media bring out strong opinions in people, myself included.

After 11 years in the game I have my ideas about how it goes and what I want to see.

Still I try to remember that Blogs and Bloggers Evolve.

Nothing is stagnant.

Some of us complain because we miss what once was and fail to recognize that what we have is just as good or better.

And some of us complain because we don’t like how a set of tools and resources are being used.

You should see some of the responses I got from other “old timers” about Triberr And The Challenge Of The Twitter Thank You.

More than a few people claim that  one tool killed Twitter.

The funny thing is some of them are the same people that accuse Twitter and Facebook of killing commenting on blogs.

What Every Blogger REALLY Wants

If you asked me to break my own rule and say what every blogger really wants I would say we all want to increase the number of comments we receive.

Ok, maybe not all of us want more comments but I would be willing to say most of us do.

Most of us want someone to acknowledge our words and to engage with us in our comment section.

That is why I decided to try something called Postmatic.


I am not as good as I once was about commenting but have found that when I come across blogs that use Postmatic I am more inclined to do so because it is ridiculously easy.

Comment and reply via email?

Count me in.

Ask me if I miss old fashioned blogging and I’ll tell you the thing I miss most is the engagement and that is why I am a beta tester for Postmatic.

I want to see if it works the way I think it will.

I am interested in your thoughts too. Let’s talk about it.

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