Blogging- Does Anything Ever Change

apple and cahnge

I am about to celebrate my 11-year blogiversary but this post isn’t about that, instead it is an impromptu prelude to it, a five-minute post written off the top of my head based upon three things that just happened.

Item 1

I check my stats and see someone has been reading What Is The Value of A Comment?

It is a reminder that the discussion about comments and the desire to find the best system is an ongoing one.

It Is What Every Blogger Wants and I might add I am thrilled with Postmatic. It really has been wonderful and helped restore some of the feelings associated with the way blogging used to be.

Ask me about whether I miss Old Fashioned Blogging and the answer I give now might be different than it was a short time ago.

Item 2

I check my stats and see someone has been listening to The Best Way To Blog Is…Your Way.

I listen to part of it and turn it off, I don’t have to hear the whole thing to remember what I said. Part of me wonders if I’ll miss something significant because it is from a while ago and I smile again because I pay more attention to details than I did then.

The Apple quote makes me smile but raises the skeptic in me because I hear what I want to be like and smell marketer reaching into my pocket.

Makes me think ab0ut the duality of my life–marketer and person.

Item 3

After all these years of blogging I don’t consider myself to be an expert but I have a good idea about how to play the game.

Thing is, I usually opt to play by my rules and those aren’t always in sync with what works on a bigger scale, or at least in sync with what could help build the blog faster.

As to whether I really need to do so or want to, well we’ll save that for later. For now we’ll stick to the five-minute rule and talk about how it is hard not to notice the same conversations have been going on for years.

Is that because we are happy to talk about change as long as we don’t have to do it or because the world keeps changing and we aren’t always as fast as we could be to change with it.


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  1. Gary Mathews May 23, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Wow eleven years! You are like a pioneer, hell back then what was there 20 blogs on the whole internet? Keep up the great writing Jack, and again congrats.

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