The Medium Writing Temperature

Midnight approaches and I have written more than 10,000 words today, but almost all of them have appeared on the other blogs I…support.

Lyrics jump out at me, things worth sharing here because they have my attention:

Don’t say
Words you’re gonna regret
Don’t let
Fire rush to your head
I’ve heard the accusation before
And I ain’t gonna take anymore
Believe me

Eye In The Sky- The Alan Parsons Project

The music moves to Time and then onto a new artist and my train of thought is derailed by the dog.

Don’t know why he went nuts, but I took the time to make sure nothing weird was happening inside or nearby.

Maybe the squirrel he declared his arch nemesis woke up and threw some nuts at him or maybe that damn dog is feeling as squirrelly as most people seem to be.

There is a lot of fear and ugliness out there and I’ll readily admit the reason those lyrics caught my ear is because some people poked the bear hard enough for me to want to come out swinging.

Doesn’t happen as often as you might think, probably because I am good at venting here or on the court but this time I really thought about unloading upon them.

Probably would have felt good to use my words to let them know in no uncertain terms what I thought but I opted against it because sometimes the most effective tool we have is silence.

Sometimes I intentionally ignore people. Silence scares people, but I like it.

Not because of the fear but because sometimes the way I find the answers to questions is by quieting the noise around me long enough to listen to the song my heart is singing.

The Medium Writing Temperature

Can’t say I need another blog, not with the six or seven I have now. Don’t have to think twice about whether I am overextended because the answer is yes.

But there is a method to my madness and that is to seek out tools and resources that help me become a better writer and to help me reach more people.

That is how and why I decided to test out Medium to see if it is just a time suck or a tool that will help me become a better writer and reach more readers.

Too early to say, but I do like the way the link to my profile renders as a big image here.

View at

What Will I Share On Medium?

It is a mix of new and old content. While you are certainly welcome to follow me there I can promise you this joint will continue to serve as a hub.

I like being self-hosted, don’t want to take the risk that comes with being a digital sharecropper.

Anyhoo, I’ll keep posting some of the new and old material there to see what sort of impact it has…if any.

It is a relatively harmless risk, no reason not to see what happens.

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