And Somewhere In The Madness

The full sentence reads and somewhere in the madness I lost her.

It is from a story I wrote long ago and perhaps it is part of one I am still writing but I’ll save that for tomorrow or some other day to share.

For now it is past midnight and I need to get some sleep but must put words on paper before shut eye time comes.

There is an ache in my stomach that keeps coming and going and I am certain it is motivated by stress and curious as to why I can’t seem to kick its ass and send it away.

Been a while since I felt normal for extended periods of time and I am tired of feeling like it is a battle to get my butt in gear and out the door.

I look at my reflection and remind the guy staring at me to take control of the situation and the pressure will ease but that old bastard only hears what he wants.


I watch, listen and wonder about much of the world around me figuring there are more stories to be learned, shared and told.

There are some people I miss having as big parts of my lives and I can’t figure out if they are truly gone or just on their own walkabouts.

Inside my head there is an internal debate about whether to reach out and say I miss you or to chalk some things up to the etiquette of unfriending.

Twitter Lives/Twitter Dies

I need to set aside some time to write about Twitter and the reasons it lives or dies for some.

Have to figure out where and when because I have stories to return to writing and new ones to begin.

Mostly I need to remember if I want this stomach ache to disappear I probably should start by shutting this down and getting some sleep.


Don’t ask my kids to tell you how many times I say they ought to do as I say and not as I do.

One way or another I manage, but life isn’t meant to be just managed. It is meant to be lived and lived hard.

If you don’t laugh and love, what do you do that makes you know you are alive.

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