I Wish Moms Were Better Parents

I must have received about a dozen emails/Facebook messages telling me to watch Louis CK tell Conan we need to elect Hillary because we need a tough bitch mom as president.

Won’t be long now before it turns into the general stupidity known as the parenting competition in which moms and dads debate who works harder.

It is one of the dumber arguments/conversations you can have because there are no winners.

Some of the guys get bent out of shape about this because this sort of thing lends itself to a slew of jokes in which dads are portrayed as inept buffoons.

Those generally run alongside or with the posts/memes in which moms try to demonstrate how much more work they do than dads.

I tend to look at a lot of those as women competing with other women for who can gain the title of Queen or Super Mom.

The point is I don’t spend a ton of time thinking about any of this and am writing about it because the competition isn’t helpful and I am a blogger who is looking for some additional traffic.

I Wish Moms Were Better Parents

There was a time when I felt differently and found the “dads are buffoon/inept” posts and jokes to be annoying but not anymore.

If you are married with kids the only other person whose opinion about how much work you do that counts is your spouse.

If you and him/her are cool with the division of labor there is no reason to cry or scream about what is going on.

Granted it is nice to be appreciated and the world is a better place when we are kind to each all around but really, I have too much going on to go completely nuts about this.

Sixteen years of parenting and the challenges of parenting teens has me laser focused on trying to be a good dad.

Frankly the conversation about who does more often feels like the Hillary versus Trump discussion.

There is a whole lot of shouting and finger pointing but not much agreement and I don’t see the benefit.

But I do know that using linkbait for headlines and subheads is an effective way to generate traffic.

What I Really Wish For Is Cooperation

If you dig into the archives you’ll see lots of posts about politics and religion here but you won’t see much of that now.

It was great for traffic but I got tired of the arguing and the stupid emails/comments that seemed to get tired into it all.

You can call that my segue into saying I wish our government was better at working together and I wish that asking for more cooperation wasn’t a task.

More cooperation is really what I want to see. It would make for a much more pleasant environment in so many areas.

I suppose that leads me to ask do people really want to be described or known as a tough bitch/asshole.

Seems to me that is not really a compliment or necessary.

And for those of you who haven’t see the bit I referred to at the top here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Larry November 2, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    More cooperation is important and would be helpful in just about every area of life. When my wife and I are on the same page and sharing work load, things go well in all phases.

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