643 Ways To Cook Your Mother-In-Law

There probably are more than 643 ways to cook your mother-in-law but I cannot share nor recommend any of them.

Not because I can’t bring myself to write them down or cut and paste them into existence but because this blog doesn’t promote cannibalism, murder or serious mayhem.

Minor mayhem maybe, but major or serious…not usually.

However we do like to air our the archives and share posts that not everyone has had the privilege of reading and or commenting upon them.

  1. The Hijinks & Shenanigans Of Angry Lost Lovers
  2. If Your Son Wasn’t A Jerk
  3. Please Give Me A Second Chance
  4. The 867 Finest Recipes For Cooking Your Cat
  5. Unfriending Proves People Hate You
  6. Does Your Past Dictate Your Future?
  7. You Won’t Become Smarter But You Might Be Sexier
  8. Sometimes You Run Towards Danger

So there you have a tiny sample of some of the sorts of content you find here.

Ten thousand posts or so and counting. Might update this a bit later with some more original stuff for you to read but figured an update with links for those who have never been exposed is better than none.

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