It Could Be A Gift

Sometimes Facebook is a place where you go to read fake news and be outraged by politics and sometimes it is where you see an ex talking to a big oaf.

And you think to yourself, “if she is flirting with that big oaf or just being extra friendly.

Not that it matters because you aren’t together but since you know the big oaf is not just dumb but a bad person you wonder if maybe you received a gift.

Maybe you got lucky and missed a making a big mistake because if there is romance with the big oaf you’d question their judgment.

But you’d never say anything about how dumb he is or ask if he swallowed his twin because that would be mean


You’re Just Jealous

That is probably the response you’d get if your comment about being a stupid oaf was heard and maybe something about being mean.

And if you engaged on it you’d talk about a stalker who keeps poking the bear and say if someone stayed out of private blogs and left other blogs alone there wouldn’t be any commentary.

It would be forgotten and then you’d add some comment about you have no respect for the oaf and think he is Trump like.

But that wouldn’t happen without a face-to-face conversation and that is unlikely so all of this hypothetical bullshit is just that…bullshit.


And somewhere in the recesses of your mind you’d ask if you are really jealous and what that might mean.

But instead of focusing on that you’d think about how all the nonsense proves some things never change as much as we might like them to.

We might be years out of college and high school but the people we love or once love, well sometimes they take us back to old times and instead of being men and women we are something else.

Boys and girls who don’t always know whether to say they love someone or not because of complications that don’t always exist any place other than in our own heads.

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