The Mightiest Dad Blog

They asked me to describe this joint as it stands today and I said it is the mightiest dad blog.

“What does that mean Jack?”

“It means I might publish today or I might publish tomorrow. Or I might not publish for a week and then I might publish every day.”

In other words this place isn’t dead, haunted or dying–it is evolving.

And when you are in a state of transition you try to be the smart guy who understands you have to let things unfold and play out.

Drinking More

I suppose it is worth mentioning that I haven’t slowed down my writing in general.

Hell the other blog is moving at warp speed, but this one is a bit more like a teenager in some ways.

It is moodier and more likely to surprise you with fits of unexpected rage or profound insight.

This place is where you’ll come to find stories of fights with Santa Claus, clowns and tales of how to talk to kids about death.

And it is where you’ll see posts and pieces about the growth of those kids and get just a little insight into what happened to the boy who helped push me into blogging and the teen he has become.

But as with all good blogs there are boundaries and we follow those carefully here until we don’t.

You just never know what you will or won’t find because when you stay drunk on writing all things are possible.

That is truth and not fiction– search for the write stuff and you might just find it…maybe.

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  1. Larry September 28, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Great quote from Bradbury!
    I like the comparison of the blog to a teenager. Funny way to put it.

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