What Good Is The NRA?

It is almost impossible for me not to view the NRA as a sick joke. that is being run by sick people whose willful blindness and myopic approach to gun violence is shameful.

Hard not to think it is being run by sick people whose willful blindness and myopic approach to gun violence is shameful.

I looked at a recent press release and one section made me shake my head.

In an increasingly dangerous world, the NRA remains focused on our mission: strengthening Americans’ Second Amendment freedom to defend themselves, their families and their communities.

Many of my conservative friends like to share statistics with me that show crime is down and that statistically, we live in a safer world than we did.

They tell me they hate fearmongering and scare tactics and yet that is what I keep seeing from the NRA.

It makes me ask questions.

What Good Is The NRA?

I am not anti-gun.

You won’t hear me arguing against your owning a pistol/rifle but I might push back against certain pieces of hardware because there is no reason for you to own those.

You’re not Rick Grimes holding off the zombie hordes and you are unlikely to convince me that you deserve the right to be able to use military grade or almost military grade equipment.

I know those last few lines or so are going to stir things up and that some people are going to try to educate me about guns and throw all sorts of stupid and meaningless statistics at me because that is part of what the NRA has been good at providing.

They don’t want to take any responsibility for helping to inculcate a culture of bigger and better firepower.

They only want to promote themselves as the bastion of safe and responsible gun owners while pretending their fear mongering isn’t pushing people to chase the bigger and better firepower before it gets taken away.

There is little to no working with Congress to try to develop solutions to gun violence, only finger-pointing, and head shaking.

Stupid statements that suggest there are no solutions because criminals are bad and mentally ill people are sick as if that should be the end of the discussion.

I’d have more respect if they didn’t perpetuate the myth that only criminals and mentally ill people use guns to do bad things.

I’d have more respect if they said they knew things were bad and were working on using technology to develop new and innovative solutions.


I don’t expect all gun violence to magically disappear or for any group/person to come up with a perfect solution.

But I would feel better if the disingenuous folks would say they thought we could do better and were working on trying to find a way.

A healthy society makes an attempt to improve life for everyone. They don’t stop searching for a cure to cancer because it hasn’t been found.

They just keep going and that is the problem, we don’t see to see that happening now do we.

I don’t care that you own a gun and I am not trying to take it away, but I do care about an honest discussion and we are not having one.

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