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The ‘Beauty’ Of Anonymity

This won’t be the last post I write about the beauty of anonymity and how sometimes it is nice to be able to put thoughts on paper without having to have big discussions with people that are referenced in them.

Been dancing around it in the other place because I don’t want to upset family members but soon the time will come where I’ll be able to write more freely there.

Not because of good things but because the docs will spell things out in greater detail and we’ll be allowed to discuss.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying the word is that the Big C has decided to make a new home in the body of the man who helped give me life.

And unless there are surprises, miracles or some combination of the two I am going to join a club whose membership I wish to reject.

But that is not my decision to make or an option that we are given.

Will It Help

One day you may find me next to the wolf, howling at the moon.

It might sound silly, but something about it under a starlit night sounds inviting and even soothing.

Will it help?

I don’t know.

It might be dumb, but it is better than going off the rails crazy.

Of course I haven’t tried the off the rails bit yet, so maybe inexperience will prove me wrong.

That is all for now.

Missing Shmatas

Sometimes you walk under a moon lit sky searching for a missing shmata and sometimes you do the same under cloudy skies.

In light and in darkness you search because the echoes of the past reach into the present and the future and you wonder.

Wonder if what you hear is a lie told many times over many years or if it is the simplest and most powerful truth you’ll ever know.

Conflicted you stand in a field wondering if you’ll always wonder of if one day you’ll be able to say you know the truth without question or concern.

Once there were two souls…