A Call To Arms

Sometimes you need a call to arms and a reminder that the world we live in is not solely based on myth and opinion.

There is a place and a need for those things, but the root of the tree is inclusive regardless of faith or lack thereof.

When we look at the collective good and try to be socially responsible morality should be mixed with science.

The world we live in can be better and more than it is and saying we don’t believe we have any sort of impact upon it just because we can’t see or measure it doesn’t mean it is true or right.

There is a middle ground between heart and head.  A place where logic and faith and coincide in a way that is good for all.

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  1. Kenya G. Johnson March 15, 2018 at 9:11 am

    Funny I just stopped by here today because I hadn’t received an email in a while. I lost the link to your other place 😉

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