She Is Out There

The questions float into the inbox with the quiet ease of a calm forest stream.

Most of them are focused upon why I ought to be interested in paying for a product or service that will help traffic to this joint explode but the occasional one touches upon other topics.

“Jack, what happened to your girl? What happened to the one you used to write about? Did you find each other and if so, what was the outcome?”

Sometimes I stare at the page and think about composing a post providing the full story or wonder if I ought to just put some words down in an email and let it go at that.

Should I provide facts and details or just a couple of lines outlining the tale in a way that sort of answers the question.

It is kind of funny to me because she who you refer to is a woman who wants details. She needs specifics and it drives her crazy to give half an answer.

I am good at driving her crazy, always have been.

That doesn’t tell you what our status is or isn’t now does it. But you don’t really need to know one way or another.

She Is Out There

She is out there and so am I.

Our lives intersect and connect in multiple places but as to the depth and frequency well that is is something to discuss elsewhere.

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