Are You Not Entertained?

The readers come and go with nary a comment or notice on the blog other than the loyal 17 longtime readers.

They refuse to give up or let go and so I send them these fragments of fiction and nuggets of not quite newsworthy nonsense hoping I find lightning in the bottle.

Are you not entertained is the question I ask, more for me and less for them.

10,000 posts haunt these walls and somewhere among the echoes and ghosts life springs forth, daring those who venture within to live.

And daring others to love.

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  1. Renee McKinley May 20, 2019 at 6:36 am

    I’m still here. Lurking about. I don’t regularly comment, but I always feel as if I’ve been gifted. Sometimes a smile, others a new perspective. So I’ll continue to peek from the corners and tiptoe through the halls.


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