A Letter To A Girl

He wrote a letter to a girl but wasn’t sure if she got it so he put it a few different places online and periodically checked to see if there were signs she had received it.

Sometimes he considered using what younger people would call ‘old school’ tactics such as sending a handwritten note or asking Ma Bell to help him reach out and touch someone.

He wasn’t sure if she had ever seen his handwriting and less sure about whether she would be able to read it.

The thought of poor penmanship creating issues made him snort.

He could write her a letter that would make her melt, something that she would think was the most romantic and thoughtful thing she had ever received but poor penmanship could destroy it and instead of instantly melting she would do the opposite.

That wasn’t the kind of hot you wanted to make a girl feel.

So he thought again about the telephone and wondered if she would pick up or let it go to voicemail. Should he rehearse so that he could say exactly what he wanted using the perfect intonation?

What if he burped or coughed halfway through?

That might ruin the moment.

What if she picked up and he said something really stupid by mistake?

Truthfully he was less concerned about that. Hell, he was most confident about having a discussion in person but that wasn’t going to happen without an invitation.

And he wasn’t sure if the invitation would happen without the letter which is why he posted it in multiple places and wondered why she wouldn’t just read it.

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