We Are/Were Best Friends

Been thinking about someone and how we are/were best friends and how I don’t know how to classify nor characterize it.

Part of me feels like the root is so strong between us it doesn’t matter and that this is a moment in time and another says I am fooling myself.

The same part asks why waste energy on this because I know as things are this is a complicated issue that isn’t ever going to be viewed in binary terms.

It is unconventional and in some ways unmanageable so I ought to stop viewing it in any terms but gratitude for it brought more joy and awareness than anything.

At moments there is the urge to compare us to magnets that are drawn towards each other. Place some distance between the two and you don’t feel the urge in the same way but as they get closer they start to notice the pull.

Given enough time they will connect because that is what magnets do.

There have been moments where I was certain there had been a demagnetization of the magnet but that never stays top of mind because things happen to make it questionable to buy that line of thought.

I always pay attention to the actions because that is where you find more scientific proof except even that can provide you with misinformation as to the current status and feeling of said magnets.

So in the name of science I move forward to get a closer look at what could, will might or won’t happen.

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