Saw someone write Happy Birthday Honey and for kicks almost added a line of my own, “yeah Happy Birthday Honey” but I didn’t.

Cue Music and silly thoughts about how it applies but then again it doesn’t.

Put the letters on the page with real thoughts, feelings and ideas and wonder what it all means, if it means anything at all.

Blurred lines and shades of gray have made appearances different than they once were and so I ask if the feelings that flow through are legitimate or otherwise.

Gut says yes, they are fine, they are real, they are justified and legitimate.

Head says it is complicated because of societal details and social mores. Followed by “you can accept or fight them, it doesn’t make a difference or does it.”

Moments in time flow past and I wonder what is sensible, reasonable and acceptable. Who makes those choices and who makes those decisions.

What was black and white is gray and what I lean towards now is in the shadows except those shadows don’t represent bad.

They just represent the possibility and opportunity of potential.

It intrigues me, pulls me closer and I think what would lips upon lips feel like.

Forbidden or promise.

Every time I believe I have figured out what direction it all will head in I am thrown for a loop and proven to not be as clairvoyant as I might wish.

So I look at the stars, make a wish and tell the Shmata Queen I would take her to lunch or dinner to celebrate her birthday if she wanted.

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