Bricks In The Wall

Sometimes songs hit me for different reasons and today I hear this as a son and father.

There are the few who know enough to ask and fewer still who get answers because sometimes you don’t know a damn thing even though you think you do.

Sometimes you don’t get answers, responses or information because I am not interested in hearing you prattle on about solutions that aren’t applicable but sound good because you paint with the broadest of brushes.

Given my druthers I would gladly accept your solution because that would mean this particular challenge could be solved with far less time and effort than it requires but that is not how life works.

And given my dedication and sense of responsibility I can’t half ass this and I am ok with it, sometimes that is how it goes.

But if you asked and I chose to answer I’d describe this as the most painful thing I have encountered but would also say I can see significant progress so there is ample reason to say we are going to get there…eventually.

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