Blogging For Money

If you have been around long enough you won’t be surprised to hear me say I have thought about updating the Shmata Queen’s blog just to see if she noticed.

It is only 12 years since the last update and it could be fun to update y’all on her life, cuz believe me, Texas women have stories.

But I also thought about sharing some of the tales of engagement with brands and agencies who have contacted me to discuss sponsorships and brand ambassadorships.

There are some good stories there and the headline alone guarantees that I’ll get more traffic than normal.

But I am in sort of a funny space.

Blogging For Money

If you love writing and want to pay some of the bills blogging for money can be a great thing.

That is assuming you figure out how to make the system work for you. I never was as successful as some others but I did ok.

A large part of my lack of success stemmed from my refusal to share pictures and details of the kids and family online.

It created some distance that is harder to overcome with just words and stories. It prevented me from getting as many comments and likes as I could have.

Though it is not the only thing.

I didn’t play the game the way some others did. I wasn’t as nice or as much of a suck-up. Nor did I go to the blog conferences so that made it harder to make connections.

It would have been nice to meet some people and who doesn’t want to make more money, it would have been nice, but I am ok with it.

Like I said there are still people knocking on the door and if I worked on cleaning up and doing a few things I could make much more happen.

I just have to decide if I have enough interest in that. It is a funny time of life, guess I’ll see what comes of the next few months.

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