The Love Story Revisited

There was a time when I would receive emails from a few readers asking for updates about the love story and for information about when the next chapter would be written/shared here.

Been a long while since the last one so I am not certain whether the reader(s) who wanted such news are still around or what the last update they saw was.

I have some ideas about what sort of update to provide and have played around with how to present it but obviously haven’t yet done so.

Some might ask for clarity on whether I am waiting to hear back from the readers or if I intend to share something new here regardless.

It is a reasonable question and one I could answer but probably won’t.

Yeah, that is the kind of mood I am in. 😉

Not a bad one, not by a long shot but I am sort of enjoying the warmth of this particular feeling. We all have our secret worlds and sometimes we choose to live in them for a bit longer because we can.

Sometimes the king and queen require their time to be their own so they can have a moment to get reacquainted and rebalanced.

It is good for all parties and what is good needs to be watered and nurtured so the trunk stays strong and the roots well fed.

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