The Broken Blog

Don’t quote me but I think this blog has been self hosted for 10 years now or will be in a few months.

But don’t go looking for a big anniversary party because technically the posts here extend back to May 2004 which means it is a high school junior.

Or maybe I ought to say it is similar to a junior in that it doesn’t laugh at the same silly tricks that used to work upon it once a time.

There is more truth in that than I want to admit and plenty in saying there are lots of issues here that make me crazy.

The detritus of multiple themes, broken plugins and decades of blogging has left their mark upon it and now there are strange characters and broken links all over.

In theory there might be a simple fix I can use to correct all of the additional characters and garbage that occupy posts but I don’t know what it is.

Nor have I put much time in trying to figure that out. Instead I show up and try to make adjustments, fixes and changes on the fly.

It is better, but not perfect and so the blog stays somewhat broken.

Drunk, As Drunk Can Be

And so we find ourselves more focused on trying to provide solid content than upon the clothes which the content wears.

Somewhere I can hear the groans and exhortation of an old graphic design teacher to focus on the looks so that the reader will find it easy to focus upon the words.

Not a bad suggestion, but I am short on time and lacking the energy/interest I once had.

Or more accurately, it is hard to maintain multiple blogs so one gets most of the attention and the others get some attention.

It is the sad truth but it doesn’t provide the full story.

It doesn’t mean this place is dead or that I won’t go through spots and moments in which it is my primary focus.

This is a reflection of now and now may not be reflective of tomorrow.

Ask the Shmata Queen, she’ll tell you many things, not the least of which is she is crazy about me and still my number one fan, at least when it comes to writing.

More to come, posts and changes, but not today. Stay tuned and keep close.

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