Your Neighbors Are Bad People

It takes five minutes of conversation to hear the tale of the neighbors who say they believe in a popular conspiracy theory about a patriot known by a single letter.

Five minutes to hear they believe satanists have taken over and are eating and or abusing people.

Five minutes to learn they are prepared to use weapons to fight this scourge and to fight for a way of life that never existed outside of books and movies.

“What do you think?”

“Your neighbors are bad people. Your neighbors are no different from Germans or Poles who turned the Jew next door into the Nazis and celebrated by stealing their possessions.”

“That’s an extreme position.”

“Maybe, but so is belief in a conspiracy theory that is so strong you are willing to take up arms. Be careful with the true believers because they’ll kill you first and ask questions later, assuming they ever think to ask.”

A Reasonable Motto

Found the photo above online in a few different places and captured it. Showed it off to SQ and said “it is a reasonable motto” but got no reply.

Shrugged my shoulders and remembered silence is acceptance or so they say, whoever they is or are.

Would rather debate this sort of nonsense than spend chunks of time thinking or wondering about whether the current chaos can be overcome and or managed.

Suppose it’s time for faith and hope and a willingness to buckle in and buckle down because this ride might get rough.

But rough doesn’t mean impossible or suggest it cannot be overcome so here goes nothing or something.

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