Our Word Is Maecenatism

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Our word is maecenatism and I am told it means patronage.

Told June a while back that we could talk about patronizing a number of joints together but only when it is safe.

Rumor has it that might happen later this year or perhaps the next. Rumor has it one day we’ll return to living what we call a normal life and we’ll be able to do what we once did without the concerns of the present.

So I told her to hang on and said if she did I could show her a good time out in public in places and spaces we’d enjoy spending time in.

Said sometimes you have to join hands and take a leap of faith because life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

It is a hard truth and sometimes a rough thought to acknowledge. Hard to accept some choices lead to places we didn’t like and hard to shift to see if a different direction might provide something better.

Inertia pushes us to stick with what we know, but sometimes the best thing you can do is jump overboard and start swimming because you can’t know if the ship will survive the coming storm.

So you take a chance and swim for shore because you know you can get that far and if you do there will be other opportunities.

Opportunities you might be disappointed to miss.

So sometimes you listen to the voices you hear in the silence and take comfort in knowing you hear consent within.

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