Ten Years And Nine Months

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Spent a few minutes cleaning up this joint and wasn’t surprised to see there are some closets filled with the equivalent of cyberhoarding.

Dug into a few like the page that links to where I have guest posted and hell if I didn’t discover a half dozen or more dead links.

Yep, the fine people that asked me to share some of this mediocrity on their pages up and left the blogosphere.

Heck, I don’t know if they quit or moved online homes but the blogs are gone and so there is no point in my pointing anyone towards those spots anymore.

So I deleted broken and left some of the others which is how you got your headline because in the course of verifying what is still alive I saw comments that said they were made 561 weeks ago.

Other Places You Can Find Me

If you are curious you can click on the link above and tool on through some of the older stuff that still remains online.

Some of it points to the joint I first hung my hat on when I got into this which reminds me that I ought to go update that spot too so people know where to find me.

Have to ask SQ for her opinion on this because you know she has got one. And it will be fun to give her five details instead of the 25 she’ll want.

And now I am off to do some cleaning up there.

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