A Simple Request

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I am less than a million bucks short of an extra million which is my silly way of saying I am no where close to having a million bucks, let alone extra.

Don’t mistake that as me saying I am poor because I far from it and in a better position than I have been in a decade with prospects to significantly improve upon that.

But the past is never far enough away for me to forget where I was and how hard I fought to climb out of it in spite of others who tried to pull me back into the pit.

It is part of why I am exhausted because the endless battles can take a toll upon a fellow who is almost middle-aged.

Anyhoo, I have a simple request for the people who say they want my business–follow through on your promises.

You can probably apply that to other people in my life too. Don’t promise what you aren’t willing to give because I will hold you to it.

I am very hard to pin down because I don’t make promises easily, but if I do there is a pretty good chance I will turn the earth upside down trying to fulfill them.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons or situations in which such things change because there are, but understand I will hold you accountable.

Which is no different than how I approach things because I hold me accountable.

It is a simple request, don’t overpromise and you won’t get a series of emails/phone calls when you fall short because I am that guy.

You Aggravated Me

I can neither confirm nor deny having thrown one of the 1,982,928 tumblers across the room when someone cut me off.

If you aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say you ought not to engage in conversation with me nor be concerned with my silence.

“You aggravated me” is as kind an expression as I have for explaining why I finally lost it. Doesn’t happen often, you really have to make an effort to get me there, but it is possible to do.

And once you do, well I don’t unwind quite so fast. Wish I did.

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