Blazing The Trail Again

Can’t tell you what set me off or when but the switch was flipped and so I am pulled out the armor and sword long enough for a quick check to confirm they will work as they are supposed to.

All looks good and even if I am a bit older and less agile than I once was there is no doubt about capabilities because even now I can still do all that is required.

Sometimes wisdom and experience are superior to the strength and energy of youth.

They enable you to be more strategic and cunning in your approach so that you don’t need to rely upon the same shock and awe of the past.

So we look at There Are No Coincidences and the second time it ran Warning: There Are No Coincidences and recognize the truth of what was said or should we say written.

It is time to unshackle ourselves from convention and standard expectations and run with the moon until we can’t run any more for the answers to our big questions are about to be resolved.

Summon the druid council and tell them to meet us at Stonehenge or wherever it is that the Northern Lights end.

Valhalla, Eden or wherever, the time is now.

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