When Jack Came Back

The idea was for your host to go on a short walkabout and then come back in time to write a post wrapping up the year and then another talking about ’24 because that was going to launch something special.

The launch of something special happened outside of here and it came with several fits, starts, challenges and opportunities.

Color me surprised, sarcasm intended that things didn’t go as planned and that it has taken about five weeks for me to reappear.

Clearly, I haven’t figured out what to do with this place and how to do it. Is it dying or is it just going through an evolution.

The answer is forthcoming but I can’t tell you if that is something we’ll know in a week, month or year.

The Wheels Keep Turning

Figure at some point I’ll have another conversation with the Shmata Queen about this and get her thoughts.

The last time we saw each other in person there was too much going on to dig into it and it didn’t happen.

There have been six million conversations in between so there is truth in saying if it was important it could have been brought up already.

Not that it matters because the ultimate decision rests with me regardless so it is up to me to determine what I want to do and how to do it.

So call that lack of conversation a silly excuse for not taking time to figure it out.  The biggest question I need to answer is what kind of cadence do I wish to hold here.

Do I want to go back to writing daily or updating a couple of times a week. Do I want to try and build the traffic back up again or use this for as a writing sandbox to play in.

I am not sure yet and that is part of why I didn’t put question marks at the end of the previous two sentences.

Can’t really say they are questions any more than I can say they are comments. It is really me thinking out loud and I am ok with that.

Sometimes you don’t need an immediate answer because what is more important is taking time to consider your options, possible, likely and probable.

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