It Was A ‘Stachetacular Experience

My ‘Stachetacular Experience began with an invitation from Doug French from Laid Off Dad to join a team of dad bloggers for Movember madness. It really wasn’t a question that I had to think about. Prostate cancer is something that something that friends and family have battled so I can’t ignore it. Not to mention that having an excuse not to shave is just a bonus.

Technically you are supposed to grow a moustache during Movember but vanity and sanity prevailed. I am not a 70s porn star, cop or mercenary anymore and Halloween is over so I opted to grow a beard. So if you look just below at Figure 1.0 you’ll get a sense of what happens when I get to go razor free for a short while.

The mighty dad blogger team raised more than $19,000 which I think is a respectable sum. But we weren’t done yet. Philips Norelco approached us and offered to match up to $15,000.

The caveat was that we use their Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer and a SensoTouch 3D Shaver to make a video of our ‘Stachetacular Shaveoff. You can use that last link to see the website that contains all of the videos that the boys and I made as part of this.

Or if you are lazy you can simply watch the video below and learn how Jack the semi-anonymous dad blogger should drink more coffee before filming himself.

If I hadn’t already shaved I would have redone it or maybe not. I think it is kind of funny but maybe that is just me compensating for looking silly. Aw heck, who am I kidding I don’t mind looking silly.

I also don’t mind telling you that I thought that both devices were solid. The Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer has several features that I like. There is a reservoir that catches the hair that is clipped that I thought was kind of neat and I appreciated the settings/display that you can use for trimming your beard to a certain length.

The vacuum feature wasn’t quite as strong as I would have liked. It caught most of the hair but there were still a few that made it onto to the counter. Nonetheless it made cleanup go a lot faster than it would have otherwise.

I really like the shaver. It can be used wet or dry. Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to try using it wet but the dry function worked very well. It didn’t yank the hair off of my lip or face like some other electric shavers I have used.

With the holidays just around the corner it is worth noting that there is a $30 rebate available on this unit.

If I can figure a way to swing it next year I’ll stop shaving for three months and then we can really put the trimmer and shaver to work.  I am guessing that probably won’t happen. The kids don’t know Grizzly Adams but based on their comments I am fairly certain that they would prefer that I not look like him. 😉

Please note that Philips Norelco provided the Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer and the SensoTouch 3D Shaver for this review free of charge.