Pinterest Forced Me To Change How I Blog


Pinterest didn’t really force me to change how I blog but it did push me to make some changes sooner than later. It is not because Pinterest has become a major source of traffic but because its success has reminded me of the value/importance in including pictures here.

Ok, the potential for increasing traffic did play a role but it is secondary. It is secondary because one of my focal points is doing a better job of securing the traffic that comes through here. My bounce rate is higher than I want it to be.

That is just a fancy way of saying that some people don’t take any time to stick around and see the sights here. I’d like to encourage them to take a moment to check out our wares and one way of doing that is to help distract them with bright shiny objects.

Where Do You Find Photos?

I am so glad that you asked. There are multiple ways to locate photos. I use my Zemanta plugin and I rely upon some of the services listed in the Best Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online. And of course I use my own photos.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that you should check out my friend Suzanne’s photos too. Just remember not to steal her stuff without her permission first. If that is not enough you can get in touch with my buddy John and ask him about his work too.

Česky: Koala šplhající na strom. Vyfoceno 28. ...

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I don’t know about you but that looks like one cranky Koala Bear to me. I can relate to being cranky but I don’t a clue why a freaking marsupial would be upset. Dude just has to hang out on damn tree eating Eucalyptus leaves and chilling out.

It is not like he is some crazy dad blogger trying to figure out whether to send the kids to public or private school. You won’t hear him talking about accountability and forgiveness. Speaking of which sometimes I like looking back at old posts to see what I had to say about apologizing  or begging forgiveness.

Why do I look back? Simple really, I am curious to see if my feelings have changed. Have I grown up or taken a different tack? Can’t say without looking back. Of course it sometimes makes me cringe to read old posts but it is part of how we figure out if progress has been made.

Can’t speak for you but by my way of accounting progress is important. I am pleased to say that I have gotten better at apologizing. There are still moments where I hate like hell doing it, but it doesn’t make me quite as crazy as it used to.

Does that mean that I am maturing? Don’t answer that, I like being the kid.

Happy Birthday Grandpa

It is officially St. Patrick’s Day but to me it will always be my grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 98 today and I would have had great fun asking him to tell me what he thought of President Lincoln or what it was like to hang out with Moses.

He would have laughed and we would have engaged in our usual banter. At some point he would have reminded me that grandma’s birthday is a couple of weeks away and that he should probably start looking for a gift.

So grandpa I think that I’ll help you with a different sort of gift. I think that you’ll appreciate this

Yep, that is grandma’s tombstone and here is a link to Beloved Wife. It is my way for helping to make sure that grandma isn’t forgotten. I know you were worried about that. I have to tell you that I remember the night you told me that grandma had a great ass (you were both in your 90s) and the look she gave you.

It was a combination of irritation and love but I always appreciated it.  When I think about your last few years together the image I have is of the two of you sitting together holding hands.

It was good to see you two the other night and I won’t complain if you choose to visit again.

Pinterest, Pictures & Stories

I am not just a dad blogger who is also a writer. I am a storyteller. I suppose that is part and parcel of being a father. Anyhoo, I am grateful that Pinterest helped me to remember that sometimes pictures are the most important part of a story. They don’t say that a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing.

What do you think?

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