Podcasting Post Part II

Hi folks,

I am having a few technical difficulties making this work. I’d like to be able to embed the player within my posts but that doesn’t seem to be working as the player doesn’t render within the posts.

When I put the code in the sidebar it works just fine. The question I am mulling is whether to place it there on a “full time” basis.

I think that I’ll let the idea marinate inside the old noggin for a while and then make a decision about how to proceed.

Jack Tests Out Podcasting

Hi folks. As promised I have decided to try a new podcasting service. You can plan on these being similar to my written posts. The topics will be random and varied. You’ll never know what to expect because I speak off the cuff.

Hopefully I won’t bore you too badly. OTOH if you find my podcasts to be a good sleep aid please let me know and for a small fee I’ll help ensure that you don’t spend the quiet hours counting sheep.

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