A Little Hump For Hump Day

Ok, if you have been lost in cleveland, stuck in detroit or just not privileged enough to have been around here is a quick list of recent posts and some music mixed in too.

A Little Digestive Distress- Chicken Vindaloo
Housekeeping Notes
Thinking About The Boy Who Was
They Have What I Want
Educating a Crazy Broad
Mother’s Day Madness
Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #10
And a little music for you:
Mustt Mustt-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  
That’s the way I like it (1974)KC & The Sunshine Band  
Sing a Song– Earth, Wind & Fire  
Everybody HurtsR.E.M.  
Mad World – Gary Jules 
Mad World – Tears For Fears

The Midweek Review

For those of you who have been busy, held captive, trapped beneath a heavy object or are stuck living in Cleveland here is a list of recent posts:

I Don’t Want To Be A Mommy Blogger
How Long Will You Keep On Blogging?
Dancing In The Fire
Blog Disappointment
Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #7
A Letter To My Children- 2010

And Now Your Blast From The Past:

Don’t Die Dad
I Still Dream
Inside the Blogger’s Studio- A Dream, Er Nightmare

Stuff You Should Read

The posting is sometimes fast and furious so here is a quick round up:

Poor Timing
Blog Art
Is It Madness
Recipes Are For Wimps
Over The Hills & Far Away
Still Climbing

A Quick Review

If you haven’t been able to visit recently here is a short list of what you missed:

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies
A Valentine’s Day Fable
The Challenger- Astronauts May have Lived Longer Than We Thought
The Presentation
Is My Children’s Happinesss More Important Than My Own
How Sister’s Helped to Train A Father of “Daddy’s Girl”
Instant Gratification Is Making Me Instantly Impatient
I Still Hate Valentine’s Day
Monday Morning Music

More to come- stay tuned.

The Week That Was

If you haven’t been here in a while here is a quick roundup of posts that appeared here this week.

Rain Rain Go Away
A Father Describes Parenting
He Danced With Reckless Abandon
Alone In The Dark
A Father’s Burden
Adventures In Driving- Trader Joe’s Edition

And your blast from the past:

Things I Have Never Done
Urine For a Tale- Or Pissed Off About Peeing
Another List of Things About Me