Mumbai Terrorists Used Drugs

None of this surprises me. Neither do the asinine remarks that people have made that there has to be a reason that people would be so angry. I have a simple message to those who try and excuse this sort of behavior.

If you think that murder and wanton destruction is justified than you are a jackass. You deserve my size 12 boot in your ass. How can you begin to try and justify this behavior. Life may not always be black and white, but some things are. Simple concept, murder is wrong.

The captured terrorist in the Mumbai (formerly Bombay) attacks, Azam Amir Qasab, has told interrogators that his father forced him to join Lashkar-e-Taibat (LeT) so that the family could earn more money.

Qusab’s father Amir, a carpenter in the Pakistani town of Faridkot, made initial contact with the leading LeT commander Zakiur Rehman who promised the family a £2,000 payment, according to the Daily News and Analysis newspaper.

Rehman was known to Qusab as Chacha, or uncle.

The 21 year old who was captured after a mob set on him after he took part in a killing spree at Mumbai’s main train station on Wednesday had been involved in minor crimes before his recruitment.

After teaming up with Rehman, he was recruited for the Mumbai mission. Rehman was reported to have personally delivered the main orders for the 10-man group.

“Around 45 days before the terror strike Chacha called the ten and briefed them about the mission,” an official told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Mumbai terrorists who battled Indian commandos for 60-hours last week relied on cocaine and other stimulants to stay awake for the duration of the fight.

Officials said drug paraphernalia, including syringes, was recovered from the scene of the attacks, which killed almost 200 people.

The heavily built men, who had undergone training at a special marine camp established by the Lashkar-e-Taibat (LeT) terrorist group in Pakistan, had also used steroids to build a tougher physique.”

Hezbollah’s Twisted Logic

That dashing (said with much sarcasm) group of terrorists who call themselves Hezbollah or Hizbollah if you prefer are such cards.

Their military wing is already classified as being a terrorist group and there is talk of doing the same with their political wing. Rima Fakhry, the only woman in their leadership spoke to the Guardian about their thoughts on peace and Israel.

The Guardian reports the following:

Mrs Fakhry, appointed to Hizbullah’s political council six months ago, said the group would ignore a UN resolution demanding militias in Lebanon disarm: “We keep our weapons because Israel occupies Shebaa Farms, we still have captives in Israeli jails and Israel is still practising violations against us.”

Actually the UN feels differently about this, but old Rima lives in a different world where she thinks that it is ok to attack Israel but is shocked that there would be an response or ill feelings about this.

Israel accuses Hizbullah of aiding violent Palestinian resistance to Israeli rule and terrorism attacks against citizens of the Jewish state.

Here is where her logic is about to get fuzzy.

Mrs Fakhry said: “We have no involvement in Palestine. We have strong feelings towards Palestine, if we can, we can help a lot.

Ok, so she just said that they have no involvement, but would like to help. No involvement, but would like to help. Hmm…

“We will send weapons if they need, but there are borders, it is difficult to get the weapons to them.

I see, they would like to help, but it is difficult smuggling weapons across. But Israel’s accusation that a terrorist organization is fomenting violence and dissent is misplaced. In the next graph she realizes that she is in deep.

“We are working for the liberation of Lebanese land. Inside Palestine is the role of Palestinians.”

Right, they want nothing to do with anything outside of Lebanon. But then she goes on to say the following.

She said she could not see a time when Lebanon and Israel could coexist peacefully: “Do you imagine one day the wolf and the sheep will live in peace? This is only in Walt Disney [films] maybe.”

And then when you think that maybe she hasn’t made her point she adds to it.

Mrs Fakhry said her group believes in the destruction of Israel and expulsion of tens of thousands of Jews: “This is a hope, a long-term strategy.

“Israelis don’t have a right to stay in Palestine, the state of Israel is an illegal state.

“One day the Palestinians will destroy Israel and return to their land.”

Bottom line: organizations that want to operate within a legitimate framework within the international community that advocate the destruction of other nations and work towards that goal should be viewed as terrorist groups and the US/Britain/Israel and other peace loving nations should do what they can to marginalize their influence and hopefully make it impossible for them to continue to exist.