The Big Lug and I want to thank you for subscribing to the newsletter for our community here at TheJackB.

Before we get started there are a few things you need to know. I am Jack and this is my blog. I have written and rewritten these few lines 1,983,983 times. Ok, I haven’t really done it that many times but it has happened a lot.


Because I want you and a billion other people to subscribe. Yes, a billion other people is exactly what I wrote. My goal is to use this newsletter to help build my community and make it easier to help realize my dream of becoming a professional novelist.

A billion subscribers will make it much easier to make that happen. The thing is it is hard to build a warm fuzzy feeling for me when I am busy talking to you about the billion other people I want to be here with you and that is why I keep rewriting this.

I finally stopped because I don’t want to suffer from “analysis of paralysis.” I’d rather step off the cliff and learn how to fly, so that is what we are doing. I am not going to try to be all things to all people. I do hope you like my writing and that even if you unsubscribe from my newsletter you continue to read my blog.

Either way I expect this to be one hell of a journey and the kind of adventure we’ll have fun talking about. Please feel free to write me and I will write you back.

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