Perfect In Her Imperfections

An excerpt from a story that was started but has no end…

She was perfect in her imperfections and I loved ever more deeply and passionately for them. I didn’t see worry lines or wrinkles in her face. To me they illustrated character and beauty and a wealth of wisdom that can only be earned by having been privileged to live for more than a few years. When I looked inside her eyes I saw a depth that didn’t exist elsewhere and in return I shared a smile that was reserved solely for her. While there is no doubt that there was some disappointment in not having been able to experience and share personal and private moments before that there were benefits that were born because of experience.

Among the very few regrets was the reflection she saw in my eyes didn’t accurately or effectively display what I saw or how I felt.


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          @hustlersnotebook:disqus Thank you. I do some work as a writer but I haven’t been privileged to be paid for my fiction yet. I have spent a fair amount of time here on the blog trying to work on it. 

          Most of that is labeled/categorized as Fragments of Fiction. I have a dream/goal of turning these stories into something that is published. Would love for them to be books and movies.

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            Well I think you have amazing skills. Not that I’m a world class judgement of literary art – but I know good stuff when I read it.

            Thanks for sharing. If there’s ever anything I can do to help move your dreams forward…I will let you know. You know never know who we run across in life!

            Enjoy your day!

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              @hustlersnotebook:disqus Likewise. As I mentioned in my post about the benefits of blogging people are what make this medium special. And people are going to be how we make our dreams into something more than just words on a page.


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