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    @SuzyQ Hi Suzy. FWIW, I don’t think the names have to necessarily be creative- sometimes practical outweighs that. Your title makes it pretty clear who and what you are. I can’t imagine going to school and dealing with the kids. That has to be an awful lot of work.

  2. tonyknuckles says

    Mine is 113Tidbits of Commentary, an offshoot of a site with over 1200 posts and a mix of my ideas on current events. – the 113 is my birthday…Nov 3

  3. SuzyQ says

    Mine is called WorkingMomBackToSchool, which is not creative at all…it’s because I work full-time and went back to school last fall, and while my husband and kids are reasonably supportive, it’s a struggle being a grad student (carrying 6-8 credits per semester), working, and doing all the other things parents do for their kids (scout leader, taxi driver, etc.). My blog is not widely followed, but is a good journaling opportunity for me. I do, however, love input from others because the perspectives they present sometimes help me think a little bigger (and help me know I’m not alone).

  4. says

    @SoloBizCoach Hi Fred. It is nice to see you here. I think that there is a lot of value in a simple name. Your name makes it very clear what your business and there is a lot to be said for that. Sometimes people get too clever and use something like Multiverse Amalgamated. It has an interesting ring to it, but it doesn’t answer the question of what they do.

  5. SoloBizCoach says

    Hi Jack,

    The name of my blog is nothing too creative, I was trying to make it obvious what my business is about. I help solo entrepreneurs create awesome businesses. I love working with solopreneurs because I love their creativity and passion. Also, my own side business developed from a passion of mine and now it is one of the best things I have ever built. So, I love to help others do the same.

    Thanks @TheJackB for giving me a chance to share my story! That is awesome!

  6. says

    @Griddy Yo Griddy I think that the name of your blog is great. Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the business type stuff we forget about the ‘people’ aspect. That human side is what is most important for the blogs, or so I think.

    As for Godin, well he has published more books than I have but I am working on that. Thanks for coming by. I look forward to seeing you here again.

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    Hey Jack,

    When I was thinking of a name fro my blog – I didn’t know how important SEO and Keyword search (and all those other techie things) were to naming a blog. But even if I did – I wouldn’t have cared.

    I wanted my blog’s name to represent me, my style, my thoughts, my personality – my human-ness! That’s all!

    At the time – I didn’t know what I’d be writing about or what niche I wanted. I just wanted to write and I wanted it to sound like me.

    I went ahead and bought my own name at dot com but I knew I didn’t want to use it for my blog – more so for my professional website if anything – even if not – I wanted to own it.

    Griddy is my nickname – it has been since my first year of college. My teammates gave it to me and it just stuck. And I love it! :)

    So I wanted something with Griddy in it. nittyGriddy just came to me – and it’s like a little spin off of nitty-gritty and it had a nice ring to it. Plus, heat of the matter, practical details and getting down to the basics and essentials – is kinda like what I try to do.

    So that’s my story – nittyGriddy was the obvious choice and fit ;) FWIW!

    Oh, and I think you just beat Godin with the shortest post ever! Haha But a damn fine one!

    Have a good weekend.


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    @bdorman264 I think that you keep the name. It works and you have begun to build a brand with it. No reason to switch it up in my mind.

    I had a different name on my old blog, but that was because I didn’t think about what I was doing. When I first got into this nonsense it was a whim and I had no idea that I would be doing this now. Really, I had no clue.

    I have messed around with a few other blogs and had different names that I messed around with. But I stuck TheJackB on this one because after seven years a ton of people know me as Jack so it didn’t make sense not to take advantage of that.

  9. bdorman264 says

    I came here this past weekend and couldn’t comment; don’t know if it was messing up on my end or yours.

    Of course you know I used the ‘invisible blogger’ moniker because I truly expected to be so far under the radar it wouldn’t matter. That way if I drug the thing around with me and it really was a barking dog, whoever stopped by wouldn’t expect much anyway.

    So now what do I do? I’m certainly not using it to be a smart ass but now it’s what people know me by. If I get a hosted site do I try to come up w/ some creative, catchy name? The invisible moniker already just about stretched my limit of creativity.

    How many name changes did you do?

  10. Anonymous says

    I wanted a name that would describe a fateful decision in a writer’s life. One that would sound motivating, encouraging and helpful at the same time. 

    “Start Your Novel” is also an imperative. It’s meant to nudge you in the right direction, if a nudge is what you need.

    Also, I wanted the name to be grounded in, and point to the written word. At first I came up with “storyseeds” – but SYN has more latitude. It can accommodate more diversity.

    One more thing: when I was a kid, I came up with ideas for stories all the time, but never followed through. I had these surreal ideas but I was very imitative at the same time, so when I wrote, my stuff was basically Masters of the Universe fanfic. The more outrageous stories never saw the light of day.

    My blog is me trying to make it up to the kid I was. A kid who didn’t know he had a right to express himself and his weird ideas. So I want to be a stepping stone for those who are confused and not sure how they should begin the writing life, how they should capture that initial spark of creativity that gets the ball rolling.

    My goal is to get people to say, “if that guy can do it, then so can I.”

    • says

      @StartYourNovel:disqus I appreciate the thought that went into your name. It really makes sense and fits with the outline that you provided.

      I sometimes wonder how many of us bloggers are writing stories to the kids we were and to the ones that still live inside of us.

      A good nudge is ever so important.

  11. Frume Sarah says

    When I was younger, my dad started calling me “Frume Sarah” as a way to acknowledge my general tendency to lean to the right when it comes to ritual practice. The moniker stuck. Since my blog mostly deals with religious issues, it made sense to talk about what’s brewing over in Frume Sarah’s World.

  12. says

    Seriously? THIS is a post? You call this a blog post?!! Awesomesauce .. totally stealing this slackery some day. 

    I didn’t name mine. Tried to but didn’t.. not always wild about my business name either but until I find one I just love, no since in breaking what’s fixed. So rather than a blog title, I just decided to personalize it and give readers a little heads up on what to expect. “I blog.. You’ve been warned” kinda sums it up. 

  13. says

    One that I regret, because this was a secondary blog for me when I created it, and I didn’t put any thought into it.  ‘One day this blog will have a snazzy name’ I’m sure one day it will, sort of like one day I’ll figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

  14. says

    “Ren bi mo” was a name my husband came up with. I was looking for something creative that didn’t sound like an overused pun (I saved that for my second blog – lol). My husband is a scholar of Chinese philosophy and so when I described what I was looking to do he came up with 仁筆墨. Ren is a character that means ‘goodness, virtue or humaneness’. Bi mo is a phrase that means ‘little bits of writing or pen and ink’. I thought it fit the literary bent of my blog pretty well. 

  15. says

    “I Have Issues” because I’m a magazine writer/editor so I have physical issues. However, I also have “issues,” as wel all do ;)

    It actually came to me when a male friend and I were talking sports–an hourly occurance–and he concluded that we had sports issues. It stuck with me.

  16. says

    I came up w/ Lick the Fridge because my kids were making out with the fridge, and I thought it sounded funny. Also, I love irreverence, and I thought LTF would capture that feeling and be intriguing for people to want to check out. And since a large portion of what I write is purely tongue in cheek, Lick the Fridge seemed appropriate. . .

  17. says

    The inspiration for the title of my blog, “Marketing Matters and Other Stories” comes from 2 sources. First, my love of marketing. And I thought “marketing matters” was clever with its dual meaning. Second, my love of Dr. Seuss and my favorite Seuss book “The Sneetches and Other Stories.” I knew I would write off-topic posts and stories in my blog, so I left the title open enough to accommodate that.

    • says

      @marianneworley:disqus I love Dr. Seuss. Did you know that he worked as a political cartoonist? I think that UCSD has his collection on campus somewhere.

      I have blogged about it a few times.

      And I agree that your dual meaning works well. It provides ample opportunity to do something different.

      • says

        I went to UCSD as an undergrad, way back when. Since I graduated, they’ve re-named the main library (it was just “Central” when I was there) “Geisel  Library,” which now includes a comprehensive Dr. Seuss collection. I haven’t seen it in person, just highlights in the alumni magazine. I’ve always been a big fan. 

  18. says

    Hey Jack –

    My blog is about how to act and think like an entrepreneur.
    But, do you know how many people can’t spell entrepreneur? So I chose big fish,
    top dogs as a stand in for entrepreneur. I could have added fat cats… but it
    was little long.

    Speaking of cats, and Lori’s question about how you came up
    with The JackB., we’re in the process of naming our new kitten. I really like the
    name Jack. My husband likes Blue. (He’s a stunning little gray kitten, often
    referred to as blue.) We’re seriously considering Jack Blue for his name.

    I know, this is totally unrelated to your question. Just
    thought you might find it interesting. Love this question and I’m looking
    forward to reading more comments!


    • says

      @TheresaBradleyBanta:disqus I like your name better. It is more interesting than Entrepreneur. 

      Not a big of cats, but if I were and had one I would pick Jack Blue in a heartbeat.

  19. Absenceofalternatives says

    Oh mine. Short post for you, eh?! I thank you. ;-)

    The name of my blog came from that Kissinger quote. I know he’s referring to some diplomatic issues, possibly even war? But I’m taking it as a personal motto. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes having no choice makes it easier…

    • says

      @c6aa4dbae7c2de4ecbbbe2f55e49af89:disqus Enjoy it, you won’t find many that are only a sentence or two. ;)

      You are absolutely right, sometimes having no choice makes it much easier. Reminds me of some restaurants that provide 12,000 choices. What the hell am I to do with that. Too many choices irritate me. 

  20. says

    My Blog is called Courage2Cope, and is still under construction.  The name comes from this quote:

    “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.  ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

    It’s about how I’ve learned to cope, and found the courage to carry on and move forward through years of depression and a number of other life changes, challenges, and difficult times.  

    Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to stay engaged in life, to fight through the problems when the easy thing to do would be to quit.  Depression and suicide are nasty monsters, but can be faced.  In my journey, I have found 4 uncomplicated things that I do that give me the courage to cope.  I want to share this with others who also may be struggling.

    • says

      @twitter-262917305:disqus I think that is great. It is a very cool quote and it sounds like your blog is going to be a great resource for people to share their stories and learn from yours.

  21. says

    Hi Jack!
    My name came about as a result of a brainstorming session with my coach, my daughter and my son. We were tossing a lot of ideas around when my daughter said, “Read that letter you wrote to your Contact List” the letter in which I was feeling out the idea of starting a blog. I had written “It will be a place where we’d talk about thoughts and ideas and things that matter to us, say life, for instance…” and my daughter said, “What about “Life, for instance”? We looked at one another, and we just knew it would be perfect. We checked it and registered the URL that evening. Funny how these things happen!
    How did you come up with your name Jack? Why the Jack “B”?
    Happy Monday!

    • says

      @twitter-228904159:disqus Hi Lori,

      Little moments in life sometimes turn into big things. TheJackB has humble beginnings that go back to my college days.

      Many years ago I used to participate on a message board where I was known as Jack Benimble. Things got pretty crazy on that board and I decided to try this thing called blogging and I set up a new blog.  

      To make a long story longer I was used to talk about people coming to my little shack in cyberspace and I started signing everything as Jack’s Shack.

      I did that until I learned that it was a euphemism for something else and I became just Jack.

      But I was also known in many places as Jack Benimble.

      Eventually I decided to try and make it easier on myself and integrate everything and I came up with TheJackB.


  22. says

    My blog is about my perspective on life. It’s a little different, sometimes crazy and downright weird. I used part of my last name to define the attitude = Rott-I-Tude! :-)

  23. says

    Simple for me, I chose the name of my business. I was torn for a while between my personal name and my business name, but I decided to keep my business name for my site.

    The reason behind this move is that I can one day hire people to work under the ELC banner. I guess at that mine my personal blog will take on a life of its own.


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