The Fastest Way To Lose Readers

The fastest way to lose readers is also the fastest way to gain them. Pick a controversial topic and write about it. Don’t straddle the fence either- take a position and own it.

If the Shmata Queen ever decides to return from her self imposed exile she will tell you that I used to do that very thing. This blog used to be filled with posts on politics and religion and the comment section was often bloody.

Some of that blood is on my head and hands. When I engage in the heat of battle I am not very gentle nor am I good about taking prisoners.  It isn’t always one of my finer qualities but it is who I am. I am a Taurus and if you poke the bull you often get the horns and the hooves and not the way you prefer them.

What Made You Stop Writing Those Posts

I never officially stopped writing them but I did get bored with it all. A million different debates that skipped civility and went straight to mud slinging made me ask whether there weren’t better ways to use my time. Though I am not afraid of disagreement it seemed like the smarter course of action was to build consensus and that rarely happened.

Not to mention the influx of trolls, most of whom show up every time I write about being a staunch Zionist Jew who thinks that the U.N. is a joke, that the International Red Cross failed Gilad Shalit and doesn’t believe that George Bush should be indicted for war crimes.

FWIW, I am neither Democrat nor Republican. A long time ago the parties left me and so I decided that since neither one of them truly represented me any more I would leave them and vote solely based upon the issues meaning I cross party lines as needed.

I don’t believe that either side is trying to destroy the good old U.S. of A. and get irritated when I get a million emails telling me that Republicans/Democrats and the devil and the only good liberal/conservative is a dead one.

What Do You Think About Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement makes me crazy. I am a fierce defender of the First Amendment and support the right to assemble and vocalize our opinions. I think that the banks owe the American people a huge debt and that they are failing us. We bailed them out with our tax dollars. We gave them the cash with the provision that it would be used to help people and it is not happening.

I pay a ridiculous amount of money for healthcare. I haven’t seen my dentist in a year because I can’t afford to  pay for my teeth and my children. I have them in a private school because their local elementary school was failing and education is of paramount importance.

So if you ask me if I am angry about things I will say yes. I will tell you that I am furious and I want change. But I don’t believe the Occupy Wall Street Movement has the answer and here is why.

I haven’t seen a list of demands and a plan of action. Instead I have seen a list of things that they would like change but as far as I know it is an unofficial list. And might I add that I don’t agree with a lot of the items on there. Look, I am pissed off that I can’t fly and that some people think that Twilight is art but so what.

What I want to see is a realistic and actionable list of change. I want a plan and I want structure. Give me three items that you think are a problem. Tell me why and then tell me how you want to affect change. That makes sense to me. That provides a realistic chance to make a positive change and impact millions of lives.

But The Police Are Mean

STFU for a moment and think. There are good cops and there are bad cops. I am sure that some of these police officers are guilty of bad things and should be prosecuted for them. But they aren’t all bad and frankly I am tired of using my tax dollars to pay for them to watch over you protesters.

Yes, that is right. We are spending money we don’t have to keep an eye on these tent cities. That money could be applied to infrastructure in the cities. It could be used to repair roads, maintain power lines, fund education and do a million other things.

Now if you had a real plan and structure I might feel differently. If I felt like you were doing something to really change the country I would feel differently.

Frankly if I had the power I would check the voting records of every one of you guys. I don’t care who you voted for or what the issues were- all I want to know is if you voted.

If you didn’t vote and were eligible for it I would fine your ass. If you don’t vote you gave up your right to complain.

Bottom line time. I want to see change. I don’t think things are hunky-dory but I want action. I don’t want lip service. I won’t listen to either side point fingers. Shut up, come up with a solution and then execute it. The time to complain is over. Now is the time for action.

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