His Profound Myopia

The tweet read, “I like you, get a grip” or something like that.

It made me wonder what the author’s intentions were because if he really likes me and desired to motivate me to rethink my position that tweet was misguided.

Hell, it wasn’t misguided, it is a prime example of how to encourage me to tell you that you’re profoundly ignorant, willfully blind and probably mentally ill.

Ok, that last part is my irritation rising to the surface and sharing its voice with the world.

But the other parts, well I mean them.

I was familiar with some of the author’s beliefs prior to their tweet and had already decided not to bother engaging with them about politics.

Not because I thought it was polite but because their aforementioned ignorance and unwillingness to consider other options made it seem like a waste of time.

His Profound Myopia

I’ll admit my initial response to the tweet was to send something back that expressed my displeasure in no uncertain terms.

Hell, they are lucky I don’t have a phone number because I would have unloaded upon them.

Some of it is because they deserve a verbal ass kicking and because I hope it would wake them up because we’re not living in normal times.

We’re not dealing with a good president surrounded by good people.

There is bad stuff going on and this fool is trying to gaslight us into believing that he is our savior and not an inveterate liar and manipulator.

He is not a steward of our rights and someone who understands how to reach across the table to negotiate compromise.

No, he is a Machiavellian fool who believes fear and cruelty should be part of how you crush the opposition.

So the foolish person who suggests I ought to get a grip better hope and pray that I am truly wrong here because their rights are getting crushed along with mine.

They better pray this doesn’t go down the dark path we are on because it will hurt all of us and the net result could be very ugly.

But what do I know.

Maybe I am wrong and the fool prefers to let the government tell us what to think and maybe they think women are silly little creatures who overreact.

Wouldn’t surprise me because their profound myopia sure makes it look like that.

Looking For America

We elected a clown and incompetent boob who says he is trying to make America great.

How many school shootings have we seen since he was put in office?

That doesn’t mean I am ignoring Las Vegas or the other horrors he seems to claim are committed by people who don’t look like him or are done by those who are mentally ill.

I don’t recognize this and I can’t accept it as the way things have to be. Guess I am looking for America.

Donald Trump Can’t Do The Hokey-Pokey

There is a long list about 140 characters long of the things that Donald Trump can do, but the Hokey-Pokey isn’t one of them.

Nor is the Bunny Hop, Cabbage Patch, the Monkey or the moonwalk.

It is not because he keeps tripping over a tie that is always too long or because he dreams of turning that tie into a sash he can pin fake medals on.

It is because he is too busy playing Simon Says and crying when people don’t do precisely as he instructs.

Blame Ma & Pa Trump

Parent bloggers write lots of posts about not being judgmental of other parents and talk about how it is ok to have a different way of doing things.

But I am not just a parent blogger, I am a dad who has worked his ass off to try to raise children of good character who know how to go along and get along.

A father who has taught them to stand up and push back when needed but to understand that we shouldn’t be outraged by everything.

And to learn how to share and cooperate with others.

I blame Ma & Pa Trump for not doing a good job of this with little Donald. Maybe that is unfair and or untrue, but

Maybe that is unfair and or untrue, but I haven’t anyone else to blame but Donald for his behavior. Wonder what Donald would have to say about that because he is usually pretty good about blaming others for what he should be responsible for.

Wonder what Donald would have to say about that because he is usually pretty good about blaming others for what he should be responsible for.

Someone needed to tell him years ago that he is not that great, but if they did it didn’t stick.

Realistic Parenting

It has been a long while since talked politics here and I am not necessarily going to dive back in full time, but I won’t ignore it either.

The same way I won’t ignore bad behavior from my children or pretend they are always perfect. They are good kids but they are human and prone to human mistakes.

Sometimes they screw up, same way we all do and I hope they continue to be good about being accountable for their actions.

I don’t expect or need perfection, but I want them to be honest with themselves about who they are and what they do.

When the lights go out at night and they are alone with their thoughts I want them to feel good about their actions and their efforts.

They’ll have good days and bad, but hopefully the good will always outnumber the bad.

And hopefully most days they’ll go to sleep knowing that however things went they know they did their best.

Learn From Mistakes

The other thing I want them to differently than Donald is to learn from their mistakes.

Ok, that might not be fair, he might learn from his mistakes but you’d never know it from his response because it is always about what someone else did wrong and not him.

So I want them to be accountable, responsible and willing to spend their entire life learning.

That is not too much to ask, nor is texting them to turn down the damn music because this modern stuff sucks. 😉

About That Basket Of Deplorables

We’re several days past the election and the hard feelings/anger hasn’t dissipated on either side.

I continue to see posts filled with rage and pain and accusatory tones in which people wave their fingers about how awful the Trump/Clinton supporters are.

Today I was told how to feel about something that I said people might find to be insulting. “No insults were given, you are just upset because someone told the truth.”

I got a good laugh out of it because it was based upon an opinion piece and not some academic study.

Part of me was tempted to point out the obvious fallacies in their argument and ask if they thought it was ok to tell people how they ought to feel.

I didn’t bother doing so because it wasn’t going to lead to a discussion and I don’t care what some stranger thinks of me.

Nor did I expect them to hear, listen or accept my response and I am ok with that. I have other people and places I am focused upon.

About That Basket Of Deplorables

I have friends who voted for Trump and though I vociferously disagree with their choice I won’t end our friendship.

It is ok to disagree and I understand their reasons and trust none of them were based upon hate. 

But that is predicated upon 30 plus years of friendship and significant experience that makes me trust their word.

“Jack, do you know how offensive it is to be labeled by a candidate as “deplorable?”

I responded by asking how we should feel about a candidate who is supported by racist groups and who has emboldened them.

“You can tell me they don’t make up a significant portion of the population and I believe you see that as important. But I’ll tell you Trump’s refusal to distance and disavow their support in a significant way troubles me.

I’ll tell you hate and mistrust has been sown in his name too and you have to expect a strong response because of that. You can’t just say it is a case of sore losers. I won’t excoriate you for your vote, but I’ll say I expect you to do your part to stop these racist groups from thinking they received a mandate.”


We Have To Talk

If we have learned anything from this election it is that we are deeply divided and that is why now more than ever we need to talk.

I don’t believe we are all racists or sore losers.

I don’t believe we are all one group of anything other than Americans.

And like I said, I don’t unfriend people for simply having a different opinion than I do. I’ll listen and talk to you about all sorts of things.

Of course there are limits and if you promote racism/hate you’ll find I oppose you and in that case, well we probably won’t be friends.


What I am interested in is finding ways to get all of us pulling together and pushing for change for the common good.

You tell me you want to make America great again and show me how to do it in an inclusive manner and I’ll be right there to try and help.

We might disagree on ways and means, but that common goal keeps us talking and working together.

But if your idea is one that excludes others simply based upon race, color or creed then you and I have a problem because you aren’t talking about America.

We are a nation that was built upon the backs of immigrants.

We all come from somewhere else.

I don’t believe for a moment that we have so lost our way that we can never find it again. This can be a hiccup and bump in the road but only if we work together.

Fear & Anger

Fear & anger have led us to this corner and the only way to get beyond it is to start talking.

It is not hokey to say united we stand and divided we fall because that nugget has been proven true a million times.

So like I said to my friends who voted for Trump, I won’t call you names for doing what you thought was right but I will hold you accountable as I do everyone else to help promote inclusion.

In some ways your voice might even be more important as you let your candidate know that you didn’t vote for a bigot or a bully.

And like it or not, that is how he appears which is why these hate groups support him.

So help him help himself by demanding he do the right thing to disavow their support and to help the rest of us see that we really are pulling for the same common goal.

We’ll still argue about policies, some of them quite aggressively but at least we might feel like we are all Americans and not two separate groups.

Welcome To The Days Of Uncertainty

This was the nastiest and strangest campaign I have seen and I unhappy with the results.

My displeasure with Trump isn’t limited to my concerns about his positions on women and minorities or how he seems to be the personification of an ‘adult toddler.’

It is focused on my concern regarding his lack of political experience which is not a benefit or asset in his new position.

The country isn’t constructed to be run in the same manner as a business and there are significant differences.

Add the lack of experience to an inability to determine what his core beliefs are and toss the aforementioned concerns about women and minorities and it is an ugly looking dish.


Welcome To The Days Of Uncertainty

I am surprised by how disappointed I am in the results which tells me how wrapped up I have been with other issues.

Had I not been so damn preoccupied with the crazy personal stuff I would have been more cognizant of just how badly I didn’t want him to win.

But unless something changes he has and it is time to look forward in a different way. Time to hope he exceeds expectations and that things go well.

It is not a great feeling to look at the screen and wonder if I am being foolish or naive but as I told my teenager elections are funny things.

Sometimes our candidate wins and sometimes they lose and you never really know how good or how bad some things will be until they get into office and start working.

All we have now is some information about what Trump says he will do and the concern about the impact of those promises, assuming he follows through on them.

I take that as Einstein wrote, it is information and not knowledge.

Is The Sun Rising Or Setting?

Perspective is an interesting thing.

If you look at the picture at the top of the page you can see it as the sun rising or the sun setting.


The funny thing about it is when you think about the dawn of a new day or the end of one you can put positive or negative spins upon it.

Could be the start of a great day or the end of a long one. Could be a horrible beginning or a horrible end.

Or maybe it is a combination of them.


Made a point to tell my kids I love them and to try not to worry about trouble that hasn’t come because that is not the best use of our time and energy.

Didn’t tell them I feel a bit shellshocked because it would contradict what I said and there is no reason to upset them more.

It really may be better than we hope and if it is not, well no need to worry now about what isn’t here.

Because we still have to take care of our daily responsibilities and that won’t change regardless of who is president.

I am not a fan of the days of uncertainty, but we have to play the cards we are dealt and I have my poker face on.