Does Your Blog Need A Logo?

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Does your blog need a logo is the sort of question that usually sends me off on a five minute rant about stupid headlines. That is because lately I have become even more enamored with describing myself as your favorite dad blogger turned curmudgeon.

Granted I am the writer whose disdain for these things has been well documented. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading those posts I’ll do you a favor and share a bunch with you. Go. Read. Now.

Go, I said. We’ll wait for you.

  1. Great Headlines Are Overrated
  2. Great Headlines Don’t Drive Traffic
  3. More Proof That Great Headlines Don’t Matter
  4. How To Write Powerful Headlines
  5. Cheaper Than A $5 Whore With Less Risk of Infection

I left out a bunch of others like the one about the talking penis or the other in which I said that I should have slept with her again. And yes dear Jayme, I understand that some of these are going to attract a different sort of element than I want, but I know how to deal with them.

You see I am at my best when I am unfettered and feeling feisty. Take off the gloves, remove the chains and watch out because when the words are flowing and fingers are flying I take great joy in pounding the hell out of a…keyboard.

Answer The Damn Question

The answer to the question is yes, your blog needs a logo. It needs some kind of image that helps distinguish it from the others. There is an awful lot of noise out there and if you want to memorable and recognized a logo can go a long way to making that happen.

But bear in mind that it doesn’t replace the need for good content. Anyone who says otherwise is a damn fool and in need of my size 12 boot in their ass. How is that for a friendly sort of hello.

Ok, it is not very friendly and not particularly endearing unless of course you like grumpy forty something year-old men who blog about anything and everything. Did you know that the social media experts tell you that it is a mistake to do that.

Those exceptionally intelligent men and women think that readers are too stupid to read more than 120 words and that you have the attention span of gnats.

I’ll make like the Redhead and say that they need to be slapped, beaten and told to fuck off. But the thing is that I am not her and I don’t want to be her. I like being a man. Maybe it is because it is all I have ever known or maybe it is because I like being equipped to put out camp fires without fear of torching my butt.

Why Are You Blogging and What Do You Hope To Accomplish?

If you are blogging for business and can’t answer that question we should probably sit down so that I can knock some sense into you. Why would you spend time doing something for work without knowing what it is you are doing and what you hope to accomplish.

That is just a waste and you should treat yourself better than to throw away your time like that.  This is important so I will type slowly for those who have trouble keeping up.

You need to know why you are blogging and what your objectives are because that is the only way you can determine whether your effort is successful. It is the only way that you can establish metrics that are usable, measurable and valuable.

I am not a social media expert. I am not the world’s greatest businessman. There are people who are smarter, richer, happier and a host of other ‘ers as well.

But I do know a couple of things about all this and that is why Jack, the grumpy old dad blogger who hates posts that are stuffed with keywords and looks at headlines with disdain is sharing this with you.

  1. Determine why are you are blogging and what you hope to accomplish.
  2. Figure out what metrics you need to determine whether your effort is successful.
  3. Get a cool logo. Yes, I know that I need one. I haven’t done it yet but I might try someone on Fiverr.
  4. Have Fun.

My apologies. I planned on writing more but I have go make dinner. Some of the social media experts will tell you that it is a mistake for me to stop in the middle this way. I will tell them to go play in the street and remind you that there is no one way to do this.

Social media is about people. Some of you will love me. Some of you will hate me. Some of you will be ambivalent. But if I show up on a regular basis and engage in normal conversation with you good things will come from that. And if I do that for an extended period of time more good things will come from that.

Remember the pyramids weren’t built in a day but many were built by my people which reminds me that I am going to submit an invoice to Egypt. Those hieroglyphic painting, slave owning, pyramid building yahoos owe me a chunk of change plus interest.

Wonder if they’ll give me ownership of the Sphinx. Ok, off to dinner now.

Try not to take life so seriously, I don’t.

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