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As promised here are links to recent posts. Stay tuned and I promise to share something more substantive with you real soon.

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  1. says

    Consider me one of your 17 loyal fans.

    Just keep singing. I think it’s far more fun to hear you sing the Bonanza Theme than to have it seamlessly integrated through technology.

    I am going to remember to have more fun.

    Good luck hearing the writing muse!

  2. says

    What are legitimate milestones that mark a career path in blogging? Or is that a bogus question because blogging for dollars is a delusion and the only thing really in it for you is the fun, the love, the self-discovery, connections, and sharing it?

    Take a swing at that, Jack. Knock it out of the ball park. Because few are man (or woman) enough. [grin]

    • says

      Hi Stan,

      That is a good question and one that is subjective in nature. Without establishing goals/objectives we can’t say what the milestones are.

      If the goal is make blogging a full time profession that pays your bills I would mark progress by dollar amounts at specific intervals.

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