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The initial impact of the blow almost knocked me off of my feet but my size saved me from introducing my face to the floor. I am grateful for that because it would have hurt.

He has been wrestling with me for his entire life and has never found a way to beat me. I don’t think he worried about whether launching all 85 pounds of him would hurt me or that he might get hurt in the process either.

That is because he calls me dad and for a brief moment in time I am superman. I don’t know how long that period of time lasts but I suspect that we are starting to enter the latter stages of it.

The Jedi Master

He loves Star Wars and that makes me happy. It is something that we share. It is easy to remember what it was like to be an 8 year-old boy at the drive-in. I found it captivating.  Can’t say that I ever thought that one day my children and I would share that joy, at least not back then.

But I know for certain that when my wife was pregnant with him I thought about it. I talked to her belly and told the baby that I had no idea whether I would have a son/daughter but that one day I would be their Jedi Master.

It was cute and funny to me and something that I looked forward to.

And now a thousand years later I have learned that he wants to be the Jedi master and not the padawan. Call him a rookie or suggest that I might be the more powerful Jedi and he’ll roll his eyes at you.

That is because his generation got stuck watching the movies in the wrong order. His generation has had The Clone Wars to watch as they have grown where mine hasn’t. That won’t mean much to some of you, but it means something to me.

I am not talking George Lucas raping our childhood by messing with the movies either. What I am talking about is how I don’t know all of the Clone Wars characters the way that he does. I have other things to remember like when to pay our bills.

George Lucas
George Lucas (Image via

It is ok with me. I don’t need him to call me anything other than dad and I am happy. Truth is that his behavior proves that even though he likes wearing the crown he still attributes the power to be residing in me.

But I admit that it is surreal to watch this boy grow. The little one who weighed 8 pounds at birth is a bit more than 10 times as heavy now. He is tall enough to reach most of the things he wants to get to and if he can’t he just grabs a stool.

Fifth grade is more than half way over and middle school is just around the corner. It makes me wonder when the growth spurts are going to hit and will they be like mine. His voice is still that of a child, but maybe he’ll be like me as I was at 15.

Maybe it will drop a few octaves and people will mistake his voice for mine.

Changes and Transitions

I don’t know where he is going to go to school next year yet and it troubles me. There are legitimate reasons behind this. It is not because anyone is screwing around or slacking off in any way.

Truth is I still don’t know where we are going to be living yet. I am working on it. The current place is fine for a while longer but I am ready to make more changes so that we can put down more roots.

If I were the Jedi master I would have that done already. Just ask Yoda, there is no try, do or do not is the mantra we follow.

Part of this is troubling and part of this kind of fun. There is some excitement in not knowing all the details. There is time to figure it out yet, but not quite as much as I would like.

And none of this settles the debate on where to send his sister for school or if somehow I’ll figure out a way to keep them at the same school for a bit longer.

I kind of feel a bit like I am Luke on Dagobah. He isn’t quite done with his training but he knows that he has to go help his friends. Life doesn’t always work within our time constraints now does it.

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