7 Things You Never Say To Mean Moms


Smarter men than I am know that the best way to influence people and win friends is to not tell the mean moms that they need to spend more time with their battery operated toys.

Nor should you tell them that they need to fire their professional trainers and or have their mouths sewn shut. Don’t tell them that sewing their mouths shut will help them save money because their children are less likely to need therapy and that their husbands will never notice because mean moms only do one thing with their mouths and it is not that.

Don’t tell the mean moms that their daughters who aren’t even ten yet are on track to win whiny bitch of the year or suggest that your daughter would be doing them a favor by kicking their little snot nose asses.

Because if you do any of these things they will turn on you and you will be attacked by a gaggle of girls who prefer to be called women but can’t understand why you don’t shy away from confrontation or whither when they level personal attacks upon you. In fact they can’t understand how you can be meaner than they are and use words that make them flinch.

They don’t understand hypocrisy nor do they recognize that their husbands really don’t want to be pitted against you in any sort of contest because they are bunch of limp dick pussies who let themselves be emasculated by their mean wives. They don’t really want to fight because none of them have ever been in one and you have.

But they feel obligated to tell you that you can’t talk to their wives like that and you say that they are right and tell them that you are really sorry that you don’t have the kind of money that they do because if you did maybe your family would be granted a pass to act like an ass.

Those guys can’t figure out what to make of you and they look at you a bit like a rabid dog which may or may not be fair to the dog. Of course the difference is that the mean moms would hug the rabid dog and scratch his neck. And if he was crazy enough to hump their leg they would turn a bit red in the face and push him off but they wouldn’t think of calling the police.

I of course don’t have any personal experience dealing with mean moms and or mean girls so I can’t tell you what would happen if you made a mistake and said these things.

However I can tell you that most women tend not to respond well to this sort of dialogue. They don’t find it funny or consider it to be part of some witty repartee, but there is always hope that you will find the exception to the rule.

What do you think?

photo by: hodgers

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