The Great Seesaw

Feels a lot like I am standing on the great seesaw of life right now, trying to keep from losing my balance and falling off.

The professional world feels like I am three steps away from losing everything and two steps from making huge and profitable change.

I am pushing for huge and profitable while hoping that losing everything is just PTSD from the past.

Got questions about soul mates and whether they are real or imaginary. Got a Netflix show recommended to me that touches upon it called the OA.

Watched part of an episode, have to finish it.

Got a funny feeling that some loose ends are going to come back up and be explored and or examined in depth.

It is not a bad thing, kind of looking forward to it as it has been a long time coming.

She needs answers whether she recognizes it or not is a different question altogether.

But when your legs are wrapped around someone you tend to start to figure things out, one way or another.

Lead Or Follow

Someone asked why this place has been quiet for so long and I told them Traveling Jack has been engaged in multiple adventures in places without WiFi or cell service.

They ask if the Shmata Queen has been a part of these or if Traveling Jack has been alone.

If I told you she was kidnapped and I have been working out the details of how to rescue her would you shake your head and ask what really happened or beg for more details?

Would you say it’s inconceivable she would allow herself to be captured and or locked up or that she would need my help?

If you picked another option and said I would let her remain locked up and not breach the castle walls and pull her out of there you would be wrong.

They haven’t built the place that could do that.

Lead Or Follow

Sometimes you have to choose between options and the question is as simple as lead or follow.

You may want and long for the shades of gray which enable you to see circumstances in terms that aren’t as stark but you can’t always get what you want..

So you pick the road and lead or follow the path for as long as you can and that is how it goes until life chooses to make you change again.

Maybe it is with a shmata and maybe it is without.

What is today will not always reflect what is tomorrow.

That may make your heart cry or may make it sing.

More to come on this or maybe not.

The Paper Jam

A paper jam is never the way you want to start your day and it is not because you are naive enough to believe that technology is supposed to work as intended.

Always and intended are words that come to mind along with sucker and ‘Good luck.’

Speaking of always and intended I am wrestling with those things.

Only a juvenile expects things to never change hopes things will magically fall into place if and when things change.

Because you know that is a reasonable–to expect that some things will continue forever or at least the people you expect to be there will always be.

Still Drunk

I may not post as much new material here but I am still drunk on writing. I probably write with the same frequency as ever, if not more.

It is the only way you can keep your skills sharp and or improve. Both are important to me.

So I am still pushing, just doing it a bit differently than I used to.

But that doesn’t mean I have come to love or appreciate paper jams or any sort of technology failure.

Fortunately I am usually adept at figuring them out, but I wouldn’t mind not having to do so anymore.


The Joy Of Stat Checkers

It would be childish, rude and obnoxious to say the frog in the picture above looks like the nosy dope who has chosen to spend time hanging out here.

Granted you don’t require an invitation to come by but there are some who are welcome and some who are…less welcome.

That is why stat checkers can be beautiful things because you get to see who comes to visit and learn a little bit about them because they always leave digital footprints behind.

Little crumbs of information to let you know that the crumb hasn’t found what they are looking for or that they really enjoy your writing and are hanging out.

Sometimes what you find is a guy who is desperately trying to impress a woman he has no chance at being with and hasn’t realized she isn’t flirting. She is just being nice.

Trump voters. Go figure.

Anger Leads To The Dark Side

Old Master Yoda is right about anger leading to the dark side and mine is pretty damn dark, which is why I typically am pretty damn patient.

That is not to say I don’t get angry because I do. It just takes a while to get me there, but once I am…forget it.

Nuclear is the word.

Anyhoo, when I find myself engaged with certain people I do more than listen to the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius.

I go the wisdom of my people and let the great Groucho remind me who it is I am dealing with.

Other Interesting Things Stat Checkers Find


Can’t forget the time a Patriot lover came to visit because he had to see the whole truth about the deflator and the rest of those cheating fools.

As you can see, he spent close to 2 hours hanging out here.

If I had more time I’d dig up the visit from the US Senate and a bunch of other interesting information such as the email and office addresses that came along with it.

Yeah, Stat Checkers are fun.

X Marks The Spot

Sometimes I see people tearing through posts here and I wonder if they have any clue what they are looking for.

Are they looking for a specific post, phrase, thought or idea or just pointing and clicking their way through the day?

Would it be helpful if I provided them with a map where X marks the spot and they would be guaranteed a rich reward for digging up buried treasure?

Well, I could share my thoughts and ideas or talk about how their adventure reminds me about all of the digital crumbs we leave all over the place.

I don’t know why, but I am reminded of a story I read a while back about someone who had spyware installed upon their phone and how their every move was tracked.

A buddy of mine asked if I ever worried about that and I said no, because my actions would bore most people.

Unless they enjoyed searched for garden gnome sex, shlattering and sexy sneezing.

Sometimes you have to dig really hard to find that black marble, assuming it is actually in there.

See you in the comments.